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I realise for quite a long time ago, we Malaysia (or maybe human) tend to have fanaticism over something or somebody. To me, this is due to the inability to think rationally and self-inferiority.

Many case in Malaysia related to fanaticism like the false prophet, Ayah Pin and many more. The follower cannot think rationally, forgetting the basic rule in their life. Like when it comes religious matter, doesn't matter whether the person have miracle or special power, they just can't be god or prophet. For Muslim, it's stated and understands that the last prophet was Muhammad. There are no other prophet after him. By grasping and holding to such a simple concept/rule, it just impossible to believe that there is anybody could a prophet. It's so simple yet people cannot think rationally. All due to fanaticism. Even the most virtuous person can fall.

The same with the MIC case where the president again reign and continue his greedy-dictatorship even he wasn't able to make MIC a better than it was. Most people doesn't oppose him eventhough he has such many weaknesses, the fact that he won the election is the hard, cold proof.

Despite that, there are also other who try to bring him back to reality and step down, but rather supported, they were "nominated" for a slipper-kalung by one of his underlings. No action were taken for such rude act, showing the president himself "approving" the suggestion.

He lost during the last election in his favourable place, yet have the guts to remain his post while many other step down as a proof of feeling guilty and giving way to other potential person to lead the party to a better future. Yet, people still vote for him, thus proving their fanaticism.

Fanaticism is a part of people self-inferiority. Why, because they don't have enough confidence to deny what others say, to retaliate others action and to stand firm on our very own belief.

To me, we don't have to trust any special-power person or any high-post-great-political leader, but we have to trust ourselves. We live our life. We see what we have and what we lack, what our leader done or don't. Only we ourselves know what best for us. So, we have to trust our decision and say no when we want to.

Fanaticism would only lead to more problem and anomaly. It's a society plague, a proof of self-underdevelopment and hinders world to become a great place as I should be.

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Green Tech Crisis part 1

This is actually an article u made for my friend's forum. But somehow i think that better u post it up here. Maybe it would to good to any readers :)

I made it using photoshop in order to make it magazine-like article,so now i only have it in photo format(JPG). When uploaded it to blogger,it would look smaller, so u need to click the image so that it would link to the page with its original size. Then u can read the writings :P

I cut it out to many parts so that it wont be too long for u too read. Enjoy :)

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The New Itunes 9

He kicks off with the new Itunes 9 .Feature a new look(white background instead of usual black) and several neat features like managing the ipod touch apps including arranging them.Really sleek interface.Also Itunes LP where LP of the past are brought back to digital media format.
the old Itunes 8

compare to the new Itunes 9. much cleaner & simpler interface

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Apple Keynote Sept 2009

On 8 September, there was a keynote by Apple which comes up with the new ipod line-up. This has been some sort of ‘tradition’ where the ipod line-up will refresh every the 9 month of the year. I, by the way, had watched the first Apple keynote in my life...yes,I’m a noob aint I?

To the surprised(or not) , Steve Job has back to action after medical issue where he stated that he undergone liver transplant. I don’t really know how he looks before, but he do look pretty skinny.