Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Role

The title sound real serious right??Nah..this just some stuff bout love-love thingy.Anyway,let me start off by telling u guys 2 stories first.

Story number 1
I was 14,and I was at the library surfing the net.Then I add a girl,that time I'm not using Ringo,some sort of social networking.Then we start replying message and all,then start chatting on yahoo messenger.

We were not really close as I'm not really good in socialising,kinda my weakness and all,up till now,still got problem in making friends,but I do get better :P .OK.Then,one of my friend want her id,saying that he interested in making friends with her.I was like,owh, you are.

After several month,they got so close until the girl called him every night.If wanna compare to me,he was on another level with her.I don't know if the were in love or what,but in a month, he did something that i cant even do even if i were given one year time.He actually really good in this stuff.Kinda one of his speciality.

Then one of my friends ask me,"hey,are u fine with him getting along so damn close with the girl? "
My friend like trying to say that that guy "snatched" the girl from me.I told her that I have nothing to do with the girl.We barely a friend.

Story number 2
I get this from my friend's blog.Sorry ek?Just trying to give an example of incident.
It was a story about a boy,have a girlfriend.Then,his bestfriend,snatched the girlfriend and make her his own girlfriend.Then the boy wanna quit and want to be transfer to other school.

Ok.So,what I'm really trying to say here is everybody got their own role to play.Like the first story,yes,it seems like my friend snatched the girl from me,but it is my own mistake for not trying hard enough to get the girl.I don't have enough skill of effort.So,I lose the girl while my friend got her.So,everybody play their role.I play my role,as a non-effort guy,while my friend,did his role,as the one who try very hard,and skillful,so thus the girl,which do her part by choosing the one who make the most effort.right?

So,nobody to blame here.If I were to rant about my losing,it would be my fault to be blame,for not having the knowledge how to tackle a girl.Moreover,not like that girl promise me anything such as full-commitment relationship.So,everybody did their role,as how they want it.

On the story number 2,yes,maybe you think that bestfriend is an ass hole,but still,think,he only did his role,that is snatching his own bestfriend's girlfriends.Nothings wrong there,accept if we wanna consider that fucking kind of attitude.While the girlfriend herself also has her role to be played,either to be a loyal girlfriend or to be a bitch.Well,she choose to be the latter one,and the boy himself,did he do his role as a cautious boyfriend,by watching out her girlfriend,but I don't like to elaborating on this.

Because,a girl which can easily left her current boyfriend for another guy isn't worth a shit.The boy should be thankful for realising his girl was a bitch,earlier than he supposed to.Its a good thing right?Maybe the boy have to play a role as a very good guy,so that his girl will love him more,and not ditching him for some other guy.Right?maybe that boy was an ass hole.If that the case,obviously the girl would look for some other guy.

So,the point is everybody has their role to play,either as a bad guy,or a good guy.Our role will determine the end result,which lead to what kind of life we lead.So,choose a nice role.At least,not a guy who would go for the trouble of transferring to other school just because of being dumped.That's lame...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Malaysian TV Shows

First,no offense to Malays-drama fan ok?Just voicing out my opinion.(well,its my own blog anyway...whatever...)

I don't have a favourite TV shows before this.Most of my time spend on gaming and surfing the net.Then I went to college.Apparently all(2)my roommates have notebook and one of them have Maxis Broadband.So,surfing the net is at our fingertips.

There was one guy name Muhaimi which some sort of our Downloading-officer.He somehow responsible to the downloading stuff.Torrent-ing movie and tv shows.From there I knew Kyle XY,Prison Break,Supernatural,Heroes and Gossip Girl.We were so up-to-date until we only one week late that the airing date.Meaning if 1-1-09 the first episode of Gossip Girl premiers on air at US,we gonna watch it on 8-1-09,together with subtitle available.

Then,I finished college and on long holidays.I watched our Malays drama,and I don't like it at all.Not that I never expect this.But,something cross my mind.I used to read bout the reason why our film is inferior to others.One of them is no budget,our equipment and technology not modern enough.Well,watched Kyle XY and you will see the community is poorer than any of our Malays drama.There was only one car that "act" in the show and its no Mercedes.Really old and wear out.The main character was no CEO,they just some waiter at some cafe.

The most common things in our drama was CEO,major company,luxurious cars,Datuk and Tan Sri,and the best part,rojak language.Combining bahasa Malaysia and English.Well,some sort of telling other that you are one of the elite.Hell,there is no such thing as "speak English,then you will be superior than others"!!

While other TV shows don't even have to have a car or a company,or have to speak foreign language,eventhought it is obvious they are superior in us in term of modernisation.Still,their TV shows succeed.

I also read about doing those "common thing" in order to motivate Malaysian,especially Malays to become what the actor in the drama did.Like being a CEO,having a major company and have a luxurious cars.Well,I thing that is not what should be the main focus.Wealth is not everything.Having a big company doesn't portrait you a honest person.Having title as Datuk doest show that you are not corrupt.We should focus on what essential in humans,love.Love to our parent,friends and other human.That is what important.With love,no killing would happens.With love,no corruption would happen.Build the most important elements in a human,build noble personality,strong attitude.Not promoting money-is-everything-in-the-world syndrome.If those messages are delivered to the audiences,there will be no such cases as absurd as flushing baby in the toilet and putting pig head in front of someone houses,or bombing someone with C4.And there are tons other messages to be delivered.Well,the show must be able to deliver the messages first,of course...

Even if we want to educate Malaysian,educate them how to respect our mother languages,I'm talking about BAHASA MALAYSIA and how to practice and speak them correctly.

Anybody Heard of.....Tenacious D??

Couple of months ago, I watched a movie called Tenacious D:Pick of Destiny,cast by Jack Black,which is the main reason why I watched it because if there Jack Black in it,the movie must be really crazy and wacky.Hey,its Jack Black!! duh....

Well,to my surprised,the movie was some sort of musical movie,yes,just like High School Musical...just a little bit a lot of way...

The movie start off with a scene where in a town call Kickapoo,there's a family which really nice and religious,but there one guy,the youngest son in the family,was the opposite of other members.He is rebellious and the most obvious characteristic is,he love rock music,which seems like a taboo to the family.The scene start in forms of a music video,with sound of music instrument and lyrics which describe the scene act by the casts.Really musical-like.I can ensure you,the song was damn good and hilarious too in sense of the lyrics.There was one part where a vocalist of Black Sabbath(one of the legendary rock band),Dio make an appearance and sing.Seriously,that 72-years-old-man still had his magic.His voice freaking awesome,unrivaled by any other human on this planet.I even download some of their songs after that lol.You could called it.....abrupt fanaticism.

There are a lot of other songs,as I can recall there were 7 songs,all are good,really good.Of course,all are rock songs,somehow it reminds me of the 80's kind of rock songs.Maybe in Malaysia sense,we could called Jack Black is a fan of "rock kapak".The movie was short,around 1 hour and plus,making it a very fast face movie.The best part is you wont get bored and rewatchability would be higher than usual.

Apart from that,Tenacious D was not a movie name,actually it is a name for a band formed by Jack Black and Kyle Gass,which also the main cast in the film.So,naturally all the songs in the movie can be downloaded(yeahhh).There are also other nice song like Tribute,which really,really good till give me some sort of goosebumps(I feel that when a song touch my...soul,I would say).Got a slow rock version and got a rock version,the rock one I saw in youtube where they perform with 2 guitarist(I don't know them because the camera ain't focusing on them)and a drummer,Dave Grohl.Yes.The vocalist of Foo Fighter and I think(because of his hairstyle) during that recording he still Nirvana's drummer,you know.....,Nirvana....,Kurt Cobian...,brain-blowing-thanks-to-the-shotgun stuff.If you download it,usually you would get the rock version.Seriously.Its a damn good.One of the best song I ever heard.

I also discovered,when they were still new,long before the movie appears,Jack Black was still...young..they were actually a television show.Every episode there will be a comedy-stuff,that,at the end of the show,there would be a song,related to the episode storyline.So,the they promoting their song one per episode.Nice advertising method...

So,try too look for the movie,torrent-ing,and listen to their song,maybe you would like it.Like me,I'm already a fan of a band called Tenacious D!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Are You Rick Roll'D?

OK.First I would explain what is Rick Roll'd first.It is a massive Internet prank where you gonna make somebody click on the link which brings up the music video of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up.

I never been Rick Roll'd but I try to search the video and found it in youtube and watch it.Contradically,I not even irritate by the video but I kind of enjoy it.I download the video and convert it into mp3 and put it in my favourite iTunes's playlist.Seriously,its a good song

Got Picture...or Not??

I was chatting with some girl,then she ask for my pic.I said fine,wait up.I check my picture folder,got a lot,around 400.Then I realized a very cruel fact,I dont have MY OWN PIC.Nope.None.There are just couple of pic which got my hand,my back,but no face.I was like....WTF.

Then I have to be a scavanger,digging my friend's friendster for a picture which got my face in it.Damn....Here,Im declaring that I dont have my own picture!!......curse myself

My Own last

Ok.The story is I have a 2 storey house,new house.My father bought it on 2004.

But I never have my own room.As my cousin used to lived with me because their parents are away in UK,working for 4 years.Apparently I study in a boarding school,got hostel,so my parent thought that I dont really need my own room.Just used the living room.

For 4 years I have to sleep if front of the television,and just 3 metres away from the front door.Now,I recently finished college and my cousins are back with their parents,now I can have my own room.

I set up my aged-but-still-looks-good-like-harrison-ford playstation 2,cheap lcd television on a desk.While next to it I set up a shelf,on top of it was my Altec Lansing 2.1 speaker and on the lower level was my comics collection,not all but the most recent one.I set up my bed with my favourite-since-childhood blanket.

All nice and smooth.

But when I look at the speaker,something come across my mind."How can I use this speaker?I dont have my Ipod anymore".....

That was the moment the pain of losing my Ipod struck my heart ragingly,make me slump back on my my heart.....

Cane Or Not To Cane

Recently I watch NTV7 The Breakfast Show and the main topic that day was approve canning or disapprove canning.

They invited a chinese woman who is a children expert and 2 person from ministry of education I think.Not really sure,but they are kinda the higher-ups.

So,the children expert say that to banned canning,take it out from the education policy,dont cane the student.Better take a more "efficient" method like advicing and motivating and stuff.She also said that canning leave a marks,a damage to the student personality,some kind of trauma.This wont be healthy in nurturing an excellent student and individual.

While the other 2 guys are stressing more on the fact that a teacher can only cane a student when certain conditions are met.They also said that only a headmaster can cane a stusent and it must been done in his office,away from others witnessing the process.Well,that I never ever know in my entire-18-years-life.I thought all teacher have the "right" to cane their students.Nevertheless,its just a policy,just a rule written on a piece of unread paper.

But thats not the focus here.What I had in my mind is,is it relevent to practice canning.Canning is an extreme measures to educate students,yes,but thats what its actual role is.To face an extreme situation

Take it this way,if a normal,not-so-nice student make a mistakes,then advicing and consulting might have a impact,a effect.But what if the student is a super maliciously naughtly and bad,then I doubt advice leave any "scratch".

To break a small rock,we can use a small hammer,but if we are dealing with a big,huge rock,naturally we need to use a big and huge hammer.

Same goes with canning.Canning should be preserve in order to face a very extreme condition,an extreme attitude of an extreme student.Just like going for a war,we must have a god damn big gun in our arsenal, just in case an extreme condition arise,so that we can solve any crisis.

I also dont really agree about canning traumatize the student.Maybe it does to some students,but for me,I been cane for so i-cant-count-coz-its-too-many time,but I didnt despise the teacher.Because what I had in my mind is that,"I had made a mistakes,so I must be ready to face the consequences".Every action has its effect.You cant just shit in front of ur dad without having ur ass spank by him after that.

And if you know that the punishment might "traumatize" you,so dont ever commit the god damn mistakes,be a nice and dicipline student.I never agree with the "despise-teacher-when-they-punish-us-for-our-own-damn-mistakes" attitude.Pandai buat,pandai tanggung.Its your own shit.

There are also another issue,which is the teacher cane students for a very small,trivial mistakes.Too strict,too violent.So the canning should bear the blame??So burn the cane stick,then the "violent" teacher would be a very nice and sunshine-warm teacher??

This what just like the Malay's saying,"kerana nyamuk,kelambu dibakar".

I'm suprised,an expert would have the...brain to say such statement.If the teachers are too violent,then the teacher must be the main focus.Revise the education curiculum for the teacher.Make sure they have a stable emotion level.Educate them how to handle their anger and student's attitude,depends on either secondary school students or primary one.

Even if the canning is banned,then they would resort to something else to hit their students,maybe their 9-inch high heels,maybe their mascara,or maybe strangle them with their silk scarf or stinky socks.Those are worse than canning.

So,the moral is,when we face a problem,analyze and identified the main focus.The damn main focus.

Expensive or Not??

When I myself or accompany my friends went for shopping or just dine, I always hear 2 common phrase, "mahal la...” and "wah...murah giler doh...”.

So, I wonder, what are the exact definition of expensive and cheap?? How can we determine whether that something is cheap or not?? Based on the value per performance ratio?? After a long brainstorming session for couple of weeks,couple of hours per day, (I used to think bout something, whether it trivial or crucial when im bored) I have something else in my mind. For me, to determine whether that something is expensive or not, is based and depends on the buyer. 

I’ll give a situation, easier to explain this way. If I was to buy a necklace priced at RM200 but I have only RM10 in my pocket, so the "mahalnyer" phrase would have the highest probability to come out from my mouth. 

But if I have like more than RM2000, maybe I won’t even think twice before grab that necklace. 

To simplify it, 2o cent sweets can be expensive to a person who only have 10 cent, and a 20 grand handbag can be something so damn cheap to a person who have 10 credit cards in her crocodile-hide purse. 

This explain the "celebrities always buy something damn expensive, even if it is only a panties" phenomenon.

So,there is no such thing as expensive or not.There are only "your just damn rich" and "your just freaking broke".


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Palestin and Israel

I took this from another site( which i already wrote in bahasa malaysia.ill try to find some time to english-fy it

Assalamualaikum.Saya yakin anda semua tahu mengenai konflik di palestin dan juga gesaan beberapa pihak untuk memboikot barangan Israel.Saya akan cuba beri pandangan peribadi saya dalam hal ini selepas membaca dari beberapa sumber.Saya selalu dengar bab-bab boikot ni dari khutbah jumaat.3 kali saya pergi solat jumaat di kolej saya,dengar mengenai boikot.Saya terfikir,kalo boikot,syarikat mereka jatuh,seperti yang dimahukan oleh beberapa pihak.Tapi pernah atau tidak mereka fikir yang hampir 90 peratus pekerja MC Donald adalah orang melayu seagama dan seakidah dengan kita.Golongan yang kita gelarkan sebagai ’saudara’.Sanggupkah kita biarkan saudara kita kehilangan pekerjaan untuk menampung hidup?

Kemudian saya fikir,boikot KFC sebab ia produk Israel.Tapi cuba kita muhasabah diri dan situasi.KFC terkenal.Maju.Tidak terkira jumlah cawangan nya dia seluruh dunia.Itu kita tahu,tapi pernah kita tanya kenapa KFC milik orang Israel,bukan milik orang Islam.Kenapa tidak ada variasi,alternatif kepada KFC yang merupakan milik orang Islam?Sekarang mungkin ada RFC.Bagus.Tapi kenapa tiada Intel versi orang Islam?Kenapa tiada Starbuck versi orang Islam?Kenapa tiada National Geography versi orang Islam.Walau ia milik orang Israel,kita tidak boleh nafikan syarikat ini telah memberi sumbangan yang terlalu banyak kepada umat dunia,samada orang Islam,Kristian atau Israel.Tanpa komputer,dunia lumpuh.National Geography yang memberi banyak makklumat dan pengetahuan kepada kita.Kita juga tahu menuntut ilmu itu fardhu ain.

Jika alasannya kerana mereka kaya,saya anggap tidak rasional.KFC tidak muncul di muka bumi ini dengan seribu cawangan serentak.Mesti mereka bermula dengan jual di kaki lima,buka gerai seperti yang terdapat di Malaysia.Kemudia mereka bertambah-tambah maju.Tiada handicap.Tiada bias.Tiada berat sebelah.Situasinya sama dengan belajar.Yang rajin dapat result cemerlang,yang malas kena tendang sekolah.Rasionalkah kita benci kaum lain yang pandai kerana mereka rajin sedangkan kita malas dan tidak memajukan diri kita?Kita mampu jadi semaju mereka,tetapi hakikatnya tidak.Kenapa?Mengapa?Bukankah persoalan ini lebih penting di ajukan,dihuraikan oleh bijak pandai agama kita?Dihuraikan dikhutbah solat Jumaat.Dibincangkan di ceramah-ceramah agama.

Saya pernah ternampak di surau berhampiran kawasan rumah saya.Terdapat poster para ‘pembunuh orang islam’.Terdapat gambar Bush,menteri Israel,Obama dan juga Raja Mesir.Kenapa ada gambar pemerintah negara yang didalamnya ada Kaabah?yang sama akidah dengan kita?Selain itu,saya terbaca di internet,terdapat statement dari seseorang mengatakan bahawa negara-negara Islam memberi bantuan senjata kepada Palestin kerana mereka ingin memanjangkan peperangan.Kerana sekiranya perang tercetus,antara barang yang sangat diperlukan adalah minyak,mungkin bagi keperluan kereta kebal dan pembuatan senjata.Maka negara-negara Islam yang mempunyai sumber petroleum yang banyak mengaut keuntungan sekiranya peperangan berlaku.Kedua-dua sumber ini tidak meyakinkan,ada kemungkinan ianya fitnah.Tapi ada relevannya.Saya tengok di kaca televisyen,presiden Iran memberi ceramah dengan penuh semangat mengutuk Israel,tapi tiada bantuan pun di bumi Palestin.Hanya menjerit di tepi shaja tetapi tidak meringankan kesengsaraan rakyat Gaza.Dan bantuan yang mereka terima adalah senjata.Kenapa tidak beri sahaja ubat.Jika diberi senjata,bukannya boleh menang pun,bilangan orang Israel terlalu ramai.Tambahan pula dengan sekatan sempadan oleh Mesir.Lebih baik hantarkan ubat,pulihkan yang cedera.Bina semula Palestin.Bukan panjangkan penyembelihan ini.Mengenai sempadan,inikah sikap seorang saudara?Memekakkan telinga,membutakan mata terhadap saudaranya yang dibunuh.Bagi saya,persoalan ini yang harus dihuraikan di khutbah Jumaat dan cermah-ceramah agama.

Mengenai Palestin,bagi saya kita tidak perlu berperang dengan roket buatan sendiri.Bina negara dengan pesat,maju,dan tentang mereka dengan ekonomi.Seperti Jepun.Dengan itu kita boleh mengatasi monopoli mereka.Dari segi jangka masa panjang,ini lebih menguntungkan para umat Islam.Tiada lagi kebergantungan kepada barangan Israel.Beri pendidikan yang sempurna pada anak-anak Gaza.Saya percaya,ramai yang tahu bahawa Palestin dahulu yang memprovoke Israel dengan menyerang mereka dengan roket buatan sendiri.Ada yang mengatakan Israel yang membina penempatan berdekatan dengan Gaza.Walau apa pun ceritanyasaya percaya keamanan paling penting.Elakkan pembunuhan.Kekalkan keamanan,bina negara biar maju,tingkatkan tahap pendidikan anak-anak Gaza.Itu lebih menguntungkan bukan sahaja rakaya Palentin sendiri,tetapi seluruh umat Islam seluruh dunia

Saya sering dengar bahawa Israel maju kerana Allah S.W.T. memberi kebijaksanaan kepada mereka.Tapi bagi saya,adakah itu boleh digunakan sebagai alasan kepada kelemahan dan ketidakmampuan kita membina ekonomi yang teguh dan maju?alasan kepada kegagalan kita untuk bersatu,tidak mementingkan harta benda,saling bantu membantu dan menakluk semula dunia dengan cara yang bertamadun seperti zaman tamadun Uthmaniah.Mereka pernah menghadapi holocaust oleh Hitler dan Nazi,sehingga hampir pupus.Kita tidak alami semua itu.Mereka kaum yang dilaknat oleh Allah S.W.T. tapi kita kaum yang berada dijalan yang benar.Jalan Allah S.W.T.Kenapa kita kalah kepada mereka.Saya percaya jawapannya adalah kelemahan dari kita sendiri.Kegagalan kita untuk bersatu padu seperti mereka.Sekiranya mereka kaum dilaknat sekalipun,kita tidak boleh menafikan kejayaan yang mereka beri kepada umat dunia manakal kita?masih membuat roket buatan sendiri.Ia adalah konsep mudah:jika berlaku benda yang buruk,lihat diri sendiri,muhasabah diri,bukan tunding jari pada orang lain.

Saya sejujurnya tidak menghalang usaha memboikot.Tidak sedetik pun hati saya menentang usaha boikot.Tetapi adakah kita hanya akan boikot?Tanpa usaha memajukan diri kita,mengenali kesilapan kita dan ubah supaya kita menjadi lebih baik dimasa akan datang?.Muhasabahlah diri.Muhasabah diri.Bukan tunding jari cari kesalahan orang lain.

I like Paramore??!!

Ok.So like the title suggest,i kinda surprised that i like paramore.Because my first impression is just a girl,singing rock song,like kelly clarkson,and stuff,so for me,its cliche,its repetitive.boring.(im referring to misery business)

Then,i discovered that they actually a band.Ok.Then thanks to my friend Muhaimin which always come to my room(at Penang Matriculation College) and play their song,this time its crushcrushcrush.Then i was like,wow,this song rocks.But still,i remain cool,still not captivated by Paramore,until i watched their live performance.It was so energetic,it was so..............rock.

For me, a band rock when they...rock during live show.

the vocalist sing with full emotion,with all his heart,communicate with the crowd while singing.he is "together" with the crowd while singing.he can make the crowd sing along,louder than his voice,loud,until put the speaker covered in shame.

the guitarist play according to the tempo,to the song's mood.swings his guitar when he needs too.jump,bang his head,swing his head until his hair(if he has)sway like a tree leaf,massive,furious but not overact.follow the song;s mood.

the drummer hit the drum hard,with all his heart,we can noticed it from his expression.varies their way of playing.make weird style of drumming,use only one hand for fast pace tempo or use two hands,two stick to hit a slow tempo,during the time gap make some crazy move.

the band put everything on the line while performing,like they gonna drop dead after the song ends.slipknot,godsmack,billy talent are some of those bands.and suprisingly,when i bought linkin parks's road to revolution live,i watch their live performances,and it dont give me the same impact as a 5-minutes-slipknot live show to me.....

Jizz In My Pants

I recently bump into a video,in youtube,entitle JIZZ IN MY PANTS.

So i though maybe its kinda candid camera recording of somebody jizz in his pants.So i click it and download it,that way its faster because it takes ages too wait youtube to completely buffer the video.

When i open the video,to my suprise, it was a music video.the title actually is a title for a song, and i can ensure you,the song is damn catcy,fun and good.sound like stuff.really good video,nice presentation and the song is very good.Seriously,i think it would be able to compete in Grammy.Try watch it urself.

The Best Thing I Ever Had

14 January 2009, the day i purchased Apple Ipod Touch 2nd Generation 8GB. Not really impressive for some people but, for me it is very....delighting as ipod used to be in my never-gonna-get-in-my-whole-life list.

This is because ipod,or maybe some of apple stuff, their value per money ratio kinda low, and im not some guy who had too much money to spend. Well,it turn out i was able to get an ipod,without using my own money.

At first my family and i went to Queensbay Mall at Penang. We went to Switch shop,a authorized retail store of apple, as malaysia dont have official apple store...yet..

Then i had some argue with my dad as he kinda shock(as he always do when wanna buy something more than rm1 for me) to see the price for the ipod is rm949(and mind you,this price is nonnegotiable,worldwide official international price as what i would call it).Then after 10 minutes of "negotiation" , he agreed.

When i step in the store,looking at the display unit of ipod which can be "abuse" by customer,thinking "you gonna be mine,soon",then at that moment i get a very devastating...statement.straight into my eyes,the girl staff said that no ipod touch in penang,"0(zero) ipod touch" ,crushing my hearts together with my hope.its like having ur car crush by a damn big trailer in front of your face.

Then we get into car,my dad got some stuff to buy for his boutique.i slept.thats what i usually do when face an unsolvable problem.then my dad woke me up,asking me to help my mom carry some stuff,blouse maybe.then i get an idea,a paper thin,dust-size hope.i quickly borrow my mom's phone(dont wanna use up my credit),i call ahmad nurwidad,my friend from secondary school,to browse into apple Malaysia website and search all the phone number of all the Switch retail outlet in Penang.

i got several number,maybe 4 or 5,and i try all of them,until the last number that i call,the man on the line ask me to call a new outlet in gurney plaza,saying that they might have one last unit of ipod,so i took the number and call the god's will,they do own one last unit of ipod touch.My heart blossom,my crushed hope revived,and i ask my dad to bring me there and i bought it there.i was really happy,delightful and thankful.

Ipod is really an amazing stuff,worth every single cent i paid for it.

Assalamualaikum this is my first first time im,expect a first-time-result stuff.i do this blogging because i saw,realize that a lot of my friends already have their own blog.tons of them.So,dont wanna left behind thus i create my own blog.....thats all i have to say...for now....