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I realise for quite a long time ago, we Malaysia (or maybe human) tend to have fanaticism over something or somebody. To me, this is due to the inability to think rationally and self-inferiority.

Many case in Malaysia related to fanaticism like the false prophet, Ayah Pin and many more. The follower cannot think rationally, forgetting the basic rule in their life. Like when it comes religious matter, doesn't matter whether the person have miracle or special power, they just can't be god or prophet. For Muslim, it's stated and understands that the last prophet was Muhammad. There are no other prophet after him. By grasping and holding to such a simple concept/rule, it just impossible to believe that there is anybody could a prophet. It's so simple yet people cannot think rationally. All due to fanaticism. Even the most virtuous person can fall.

The same with the MIC case where the president again reign and continue his greedy-dictatorship even he wasn't able to make MIC a better than it was. Most people doesn't oppose him eventhough he has such many weaknesses, the fact that he won the election is the hard, cold proof.

Despite that, there are also other who try to bring him back to reality and step down, but rather supported, they were "nominated" for a slipper-kalung by one of his underlings. No action were taken for such rude act, showing the president himself "approving" the suggestion.

He lost during the last election in his favourable place, yet have the guts to remain his post while many other step down as a proof of feeling guilty and giving way to other potential person to lead the party to a better future. Yet, people still vote for him, thus proving their fanaticism.

Fanaticism is a part of people self-inferiority. Why, because they don't have enough confidence to deny what others say, to retaliate others action and to stand firm on our very own belief.

To me, we don't have to trust any special-power person or any high-post-great-political leader, but we have to trust ourselves. We live our life. We see what we have and what we lack, what our leader done or don't. Only we ourselves know what best for us. So, we have to trust our decision and say no when we want to.

Fanaticism would only lead to more problem and anomaly. It's a society plague, a proof of self-underdevelopment and hinders world to become a great place as I should be.

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Green Tech Crisis part 1

This is actually an article u made for my friend's forum. But somehow i think that better u post it up here. Maybe it would to good to any readers :)

I made it using photoshop in order to make it magazine-like article,so now i only have it in photo format(JPG). When uploaded it to blogger,it would look smaller, so u need to click the image so that it would link to the page with its original size. Then u can read the writings :P

I cut it out to many parts so that it wont be too long for u too read. Enjoy :)

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The New Itunes 9

He kicks off with the new Itunes 9 .Feature a new look(white background instead of usual black) and several neat features like managing the ipod touch apps including arranging them.Really sleek interface.Also Itunes LP where LP of the past are brought back to digital media format.
the old Itunes 8

compare to the new Itunes 9. much cleaner & simpler interface

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Apple Keynote Sept 2009

On 8 September, there was a keynote by Apple which comes up with the new ipod line-up. This has been some sort of ‘tradition’ where the ipod line-up will refresh every the 9 month of the year. I, by the way, had watched the first Apple keynote in my life...yes,I’m a noob aint I?

To the surprised(or not) , Steve Job has back to action after medical issue where he stated that he undergone liver transplant. I don’t really know how he looks before, but he do look pretty skinny.

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new looks


a little edit on the background.
whats left is the header banner. :sigh: ...still lots of work

and I will come up with lots of new post, at every 1.00 pm sure to check it out ya? :)

after 4 hours pathetic

well,comment/critise if its too fugly ok?

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Im changing,or should i say updating this post and new looks.

sorry for the long hiatus.if there's anybody care bout that though :P

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Noodle Station Rock!

Last saturday, I went to Alamanda with by gurl's bro. His gro is damn tall and big, pretty scary though.well this is my first time to Alamanda, so pretty anxious and psyhe up lol. Owh, and my first time to Putrajaya too. Pretty nice for a place where prime minister's office is. The boulevard is nice though the road condition below average =_= .

Then, to Alamanda. It's is two storey shopping complex, pretty small and the second floor is not really a "second floor" as it's pretty low and mezzanine-like.quite small to me which accustomed to Midvalley and queensbay, penang. First thng we done was dine at Noodle Station. It was quite a let down as I was aiming for Burger King. Well, it's somebody else treat anyway, no need to complain :P. I order a Fried Hokien Noodle Thai Style (spicy) and an ice coffee( the cheapest drink there). I was worry whether the noodle too spicy for me but when it come, suprisingly the noodle was white and clear. The noodle itself pretty small, springy and clear. Seriously, what kind of noodle they use?

I can see pieces spices and chili spread along the noodle, small pieces of those. I took a bite and I was lift up to the heaven. It takes so good, not spicy but you can feel the tomyam flavour, the noodle was wrapped by fried egg pretty nicely and not too much, preseving the taste of the spices without too much taste of egg. The meal also balance as it contain sufficient amount of vege and chicken. There is one ingredient which I couldnt figured out. It taste sweet and quite chewy, which really boost the eating experience. The amount of noodle is satisfied and overall, worth well with priced at RM6.50. It's unique to think you can get full experienced tomyam-taste noodle with a dry fried one together with egg smoothing out the texture. I will surely have it again.

Sadly I forgot to take some pics...

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I'm so into Green Day!

For this whole week, I have been listening to Green Day's new album,21st Century Breakdown. I don't even know whether I'm into punk or not in the first place.

I listen to one or two of Green Day's songs, but not that i really know them like how their fans are.I just can't listen Blink 182,really can't. I love Good Charlotte, but some say they not really "true" punk band. So,I don't really sure, does punk suit to my ears?

This album is the first Green Day's album that I listen to every single song in the whole album. Full. From the first track to the last. What I can say, my first impression are, they are like punk-ed-The Beatles.

Not that I really listen to The Beatles, but their songs in this album are really easy going, nothing complicated nor sophisticated, just harsh punk guitar rift, fast pace drumming, some lead, rinse and repeat, finish.

It's simple. You don't have to strain ur mind to listen to their song.It's just a really simple yet entertaining music. Apart from clever lyrics which like in American Idiot, going on about world crisis, syndrome of society and all, the music is really easy going. It's not lack details or sense, but to me, this is how punk music should be, a 4 minutes of an-easy-going-yet-fun-and-thrilling-adventure.

Most of the songs, I found it start with a mellow intro apart from Know Your Enemy, Horseshoe and Handgrenade, and Murder City, which to me, kinda a turn off for first impression, but after that the melody and tempo change drastically to typical punk style.There are also some slow rock, mellow songs. I love it, the voice and the instrument suit well and really soothing.

The song that attract me the most is Peacemaker as the song sound really different from the other tracks. It got Mexican style melody and to me, a little bit taste of Arabian. Really fun, enjoying and entertaining. I keep laughing while listening to it. I've been thinking," where the hell did those guys found the idea to make this song".

To sum up, I love their easy going and light-yet-still-punk music in this new album. It's easily comprehend and entertaining. Some say that they on the end of their fame, though American Idiot did rise them to quite a great height, but I like this Green Day. Maybe this is not how Green Day are when they did the (great) Dookie album, but I like the today, here and now, GREEN DAY.

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(i know this kinda slowpoke,still,wanna rite my review :P)
I went to watch this movie with my girl. I'm not too into harry potter but she was crazy about it, so we decide to watch it.

The sixth installment of Harry Potter series should be one of the darkest of all.because Sirius died,Dumbledore gonna die,death eaters wreak havoc.all awful thing gonna happen.

But I find this movie a little bit too relaxed and laid have too much of romantic scene, as the characters are growing into teenager,and the hormones runs wild and etc.

I read in a newspaper that this is a 4-out-of-5 stars movie because even thought it is dark and lots of tension,the movie still controlled by scenes regarding of romantic,jealousy and hilarious.I couldn't agree more.this installment is very funny,I just laugh a lot through out the movie.

But to me,all the scenes just ruins the impression of this suppose to be a 'dark' just failed to fife that impression,to put the stress and tension of the main character to the me,a movie which able to give that impression and success on being a dark movie is Fast and Furious 4. I love the character Dominic that Vin Diesel bring,he damn mad but he didn't go shouting and swearing and killing(like Bond in Quantum of Solace),he just scowled a lot.I love it.really cool,though he doesn't show his anger,u can feel it.

Apart from that,I feel that the movie doesn't have real subject to focus on,it's like the focus wondering throughout the movie.I just can't feel,who is the real subject,the true focus of the's like the focus is scattering everywhere.

Frankly I'm not much of a fan of Harry potter but easily I know,the Order of Phoenix is better than the latest installment.This is not a dark movie,its somewhat a mixed of serious and laid-back-comedy movie,and they dont blend well.which,supported by my girl too. it just really disappointing.

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Bus Driver

I was waiting bus at UKM,yes,they have bus service where according to zone,they will go to their specific route and destination.I was waiting for zone 3 which will go to my gurl college because I want to give back her notebook

I was running from my college(Pendeta Zaba) because afraid of being late as its getting late,around 7.00 pm(7.30 to 8.30,no bus.maghrib-prayer-break).I was sweating badly due to running(and head-banging while running to The Static Age,Green Day from 21st Century Breakdown)

Then,I saw the bus coming,getting ready to hop on the bus,it breaks,and reverse,and sped off,leaving me dumb-founded like a fool there.I was like,WTFH!!!! I'm damn tired,I have the very rights to get on the F bus,and the F uncle didnt even open the door for me.Yes,there's a lot of other student on the bus,but its not pack,still have some space for 3,4 person.

Then,alone at the bus stop, I'm cursing the damn uncle,flashing my middle finger in the middle air.

Ok,seriously.What he did is irrational(hell,yeah!).Because,no matter what happen,he should stop when a passsenger want to get into the bus.Its in his job-prescription-list.

"The bus is packed" aint an excuse.No matter how pack it is,the bus driver have to stop,the passenger have to right to try to fit in,or by his judgement,determine whether he should or shouldnt hop on the bus.He cant pass judgement just like that and neglect passengers(like me!)

If he in a bad mood,thats far more stupid excuse.If u cant carry out the responsible in the job that u take, then dont work at all.Resign,pass to somebody else.There's whole lot of other people want to be in his shoe,especially in this recession times.

To me,he not doing his work,how he suppose to,and how he been paid to.To muslim,you guys know what happen when we took something aint ours.

So,my advice,when u guys go to work someday,work honestly.Fulfill ur jobs prescription,at least.If u guys cant handle the tension,then resign.Dont put other people in deep shit because of ur own damn incompetent.

ps:I help my gurl to do the PTPTN loan application,and there were 500 people applied on that day,and the officers work from 9am till 8.30,still got 50 people to go.

One of them got all berserk,shouting "i dont care,sick of this work,from morning till night,still havent finished!",then after 5 minutes,he apologised to all of the students in the hall,and get back to work.Though looks nasty,but still he fulfill his job prescription.

Just take that 5 minutes of shouting and ranting as his "time-out" :P .Still,way better than that bus driver.

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Turn 1000!!

I just opened my blog,and I saw that the visitor counter show "1000" .I was like,wow,its reach to 1k already ek??

Not that it matter much,but I feel like something to celebrate :) .I think of a contest,but what?and would there any soul wanna participate in??

One more thing,I kinda broke,so what kind of prize I could afford lol .If u ask why,then it is because......


I just bought this baby yesterday,thanks to bro Akabane(from,and I forgot to ask ur real name,sorry bro =_= ).Damn good,better than my previous Creative headphone.
Good at isolating noise,I cant even hear people chatting for almost 10 metre of radius.Pretty damn good eh,and the bass also quite punchy,though Audio Technica sound signature is more to neutral kind.

All in all,I relieved that I bought this baby.It satisfy my needs for great sound quality.Worth enough for my Rm220.Now thinking of an amp to drive this baby,coz I need to power up my Ipod touch volume to the max to push this baby to its true potential XD

also,I bought this


to charge my ipod(though cant dock because incompatibility,Ipod touch too new for its firmware =_= )and a good speaker,sound wise,loud enough to jerk me from my deep sleep.

Also,got fm radio! Just now,I reunite with my loveable and fun morning crew.Owh,I miss u guys so much.Its been ages since the last time I tune to them.They are my source of good laugh expecially in the morning.Its really stress-easing when listening to their funny joke :)

I get it at Rm200 because it given by one guy(which again,I forgot to ask his name,sorry bro),where his gf work at a shop selling this,and she got the test unit at the same price.So,he sell it to me because he dont have an Ipod.How much does this really cost?RM489! .How lucky I am :P

Now,I feel my life kinda so complete,nothing to complain the fact that my counter reach 1000,I felt so much better......

(something like,everything fine and all good in Japan,from Keroro Gunso anime :P )

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Bash!

ok,its not mine.I actually went to my fren befday bash at shah alam.That was the first time I went to Shah Alam.

At,9 am,I hopped on my favourite and reliable KTM to KL Sentral,then change train and took to Shah Alam.The trip was around 1 and a half hour,which is not so bad,I might come more often than I could expect.Owh,yes,it cost me RM5 ringgit....well...ok la

Then,I went to my fren,Fauzan hostel.After prayer and took a bath( I dont bring any towel,thanks to the fan coz dry me up),we went to Naz house.Thx to Hadi for driving us there.We was welcome by Naz when we arrived,and gosh,what a nice house she have.and big too. >_<

We sat at the living room and chat.Its been a while seen we met each other.To be frank,I never chat even once with Naz during our school time,just after SPM,we chat thru yahoo messenger a bit,from there,we got a little bit close.So,when I went to her house,chatting with her so casually and fun,at the same time I feel awkward.I ask myself,"this is the girl u never chat before".Funny how things could turn the other way around.

I have a delightful time,we had a fun moment,delicious food and lots of laughter.Its nice to see everyone of us in a good term after havent meet for a while.Its harmonic..

[pics coming up.have to wait for my fren upload them first.i dont have camera =_=]

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Midvalley Outing

19 July,I went to Midvalley with my gurl.Well,it was my first time, quite nervous too as they say its easy to get lost =_=

I woke up at 6,ready myself up and walked to my gurl college at 7.15 and arrived there at 8.00 .Quite far eh?But,I enjoy it as the weather was good and the scenery around UKM is very serene and calming.Full with green plants...its soothing to the eyes....but my legs was aching :P .But I love it.

We took bus then komuter to Midvalley,a 35 minutes journey.quite fast I would say.This place might be my choice when wanna hang out :) .The shop lots still havent open yet,so we went straight to GSC to buy Harry Potter(i love saying this name in British accent) movie,the sixth installment, Half Blood Prince(REVIEW COMING UP).To my surprise,I was the fifth in the line,GSC havent even open yet,the staff just came,and its like there's already 10 meter of queue behind me!
Maybe its normal for KL,for Midvalley.Owh,and while queuing,I think so hard to find out,what is a Twin Seat?

(im such a noob...)

Then,I text one of my fren and he told me its for couple.Why,its perfect!....but sadly the seats was fully booked,I even get the second from the most front seat and at the most right side....why booking ticket online didnt crossed my mind..??

(im such a noob...again)

After that we went to buy a shoe for my gurl and didn't found any interesting one,well...maybe "cheap" one.So, we decide to went for food instead of shoe :P .We went to:

  • Subway [delicious,flexible as we can have it customized to our need,I love such food,and enough to fill normal stomach,not so expensive.worthwhile]
  • Big Apple [donuts,lots of donuts,love the texture,love the fillings,many varities]
  • McD [Quater pounder,a must-have-when-dating .Sometimes Big Mac]
  • Takoyaki [finally I taste it!I really wanna buy this,its just a ball fill with squid,or eel,in Japanese its unagi,my favourite fish(eel is a fish rite?)]

At 4.00,we went to Serdang as I gonna meet a person who gonna sell his Ipod to me(I'll tell about it next time ya)

Then,went back to UKM at 6.30.Quite a day,I was extremely exhausted.Anyway,had lots of fun,have the experience going to Midvalley,ride on komuter and buying second-hand stuff :P

note:since I was going to buy an Ipod,I have 0 cent,mind u,zero.Null.No money at all,and all the expenses were handled by my gurl.She's the one fork out the money since the first komuter till the last komuter to UKM.She bought me all the food,she bought me the movie ticket,she bought me water when I was dizzy from exhaustion(mind u,I walked for almost an hour during the morning as I dont have the money to get on a bus).So,here,I want to say thank you for all that u had done to me,nothing would be possible without you.

ps:jangan cakap aku poyo ok?!! :P

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Noobness is....

The Midvalley Outing post suppose to publish on 9.15 last night,as I had scheduled but it dint happen.I wonder why??

Then, I found out that my time setting is based on Hawai!! WTH! No wonder it dint published,the time setting was wrong.

So,now everything fix :)

owh,to finish the title sentence

My Noobness is GODLIKE! (DoTA players know what I mean :P )

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We meet lots of coincidence in our life.Some say there is no coincidence, there just fate.

Well,I found coincidence is something funny,laughable because it is a coincidence.Something which happen out of luck and.....coincidence.

What I'm trying to say is,one of my senior [] that been with me and my frens during our orientation week found my blog.How coincidence is that?There's millions of blog out there.I just love coincidence.

ps:am i exaggerating a small issue? =_=||||

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm in University

12 July, I registered as one of University Kuala Lumpur(UniKL) student.What course you ask? I wanted the clinical lab science,but I got the Environmental Healthcare one.Well,maybe its been fated for me to take it.

The course is quite new actually,well,I'm the second batch of the Institute of Medical Science Technology(MESTECH). Quite scare whether this course have good job opportunity or not.The campus is at Kajang and I was supposed to live in an apartment at Taman Tenaga Bangi,but instead we stay at UKM for maybe one whole semester because of H1N1.

So far,just finished the orientation week,which is quite fun,not so much stress as they say,the theme for this year is, "NO Violent".Well,lucky me :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looks Like Im Back in Action!!

The topic says it all.Thx to the PPSMI stuff,im awake from hibernation mode(due to lots of probs and works, and also some mood deterioration)


IM BACK!(Schwarzenegger style)

PPSMI Will Be Abolished

Thanks to my friend,Fauzan,I know about this.Yes,PPSMI will be abolished in 2012,and yes,I'm delighted as I am one of the A Samad Said clan,the PPSMI-opposition.

Why I oppose PPSMI? PPSMI itself is the method to help transition from Malay-based studies to English-based easier as when we went to the higher education level such as university level,then we will study in English.The lecturer will speak in English,the book will be in English and it will help us to get job too if we proficient in speaking English.

Then,isnt PPSMI is good?Why I oppose it?

For all those "good effect" of PPSMI,lots of other superior country gain them without teaching their school student mathematics and science in English.They dont need their own "PPSMI".Still,they way ahead of us in any term.Why?Well,that is something rather interesting to find out that lousily translating the textbook from Malay to English and end up trigger the downfall of our own student.

Those guys they have strong and good education base for teaching English.The English subject itself is efficient and flawless,so there's no way their student sucks in English and thus, the translating textbook stuff is unneeded.

Why should we English-fy mathematics and science to improve English proficiency?Just power-up the English subject-related stuff,for god sake! Improve the teaching method,revise the syllabus,the teacher itslef must be good,not some lame ass jerk.Its like,u wanna grow some muscles,but instead of going to workout,u went to buy some new cloth,just in case it will make ur chest buff-er.

What I'm trying to say,clearly identify ur focus,ur target,ur problem,and put all ur effort to solve it,not mindlessly mess around with other issue.If its english,then just fix english subject then.U dont blame Menteri Kerjaraya when the youngsters dont know what the hell is congkak,rite?U blame the cultural minister la.

Basically,thats what A Samad Said and others been trying to say.There is a way to improve English proficiency in students,but PPSMI is not in the list.By practicing it,we will face the possibility where our mother tongue language will be forgotten and cast away by our own future generations.

Like Japan,no matter how modernise they are,they still ogiji(bow) when it is necessary.They dint sell out their culture for the sake of advancing in the global current of modernisation.So do we.We dont have to put Bahasa Malaysia at stake just to master English.There are other sensible ways.

Well,now that it will be abolished,the stupidity of whoever put this PPSMI in the first place is unbelievable.I'm lost for words(coz too much to say and swear) to portray how stupid I think this move are.HOnestly,I would rather they continue this PPSMI instead of abolishing it half-way.What wil happen to the kids that have study math and science in english?My little brother have been studying those in english,and next year he have to face UPSR,but unfortunately he have to study those subject in Malay?

Its more pathetic and embarrassing.Like in Batman:The Dark Knight..

"Its whether you die as a hero,or live long enough
to see yourself turning into a villain"

in this case,you sucks all the way or u dont sucks at all.Dont stop half way,u half baked fucking ass.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday Present Dilemma

That really sound like a song title eh? XD

ok.actually my girl's birthday are coming up,this 12 of july(the same date I gonna register into Unikl,which means I gonna be only 3km away from her.SUGOI!! (wow in Japan :P )

So,thought of buying her a ring,apart from an accessory,it can double as a "she's taken already" sign.Im quite the jealous type......But she refuse coz she thinks it wont look good on her as her fingers quite chubby.I told her the second reason and she said its ridicolous and funny,coz any men can woo her, with or without ring on her finger.and i reply....

THANKS a lot dear.that does make me feel a lot BETTER!


then I thought of buying her a watch.I found this Elle Studio watch,a rectangle-face with hearts-engraved frame while,aku nk ckp tali jam tp aku xtau.forgive me!!) black in colour with red thread on both edge.

perghh..I even like that as a present for myself.Really captivating.But,the price quite a turn-off.Rm188.Not that expensive,u may say,I admit.But I'm on tight budget as gonna go to university and gonna buy Ipod(cannot cancel,already deal to pay on 9 August).

I dont wanna give a belated-birthday gift.....What should I do.....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Forgive me Michael....

He's dead.We all know.

I am one of the people thinks he was bad,evil,pedophilia.

But I was wrong.As a performer alone,he is unrivaled legend.As a human,he was a lot better than what media been shitting about.Do ur homework,I've done mine.U get what I mean.

He has a bad childhood, somehow it makes me feel close to him coz at least we share something in common.

I'm not his fan,not after been digging bout the truth,after been watching his past show,just 3 hours,enough to make me cry and feel like there was a big pit in my stomach,they call it,"REGRETS"

I shamed of myself for believing the media.I feel like im covered in cow shit.

My mom believe in him till the end,while I realized how great he is after he already died for a week.

I know he cant hear me,but I'm just sorry,so sorry.He may be not perfect,but he never deserve whatever people done to him.He maybe not an angel,but he aint no devil.He far better than most of us.

I love him,not as a fan,but as a fellow human.He far better than me.

This feelings of regrets would never go off,not in the near future.

I am so,so sorry........

Thursday, June 25, 2009


im on holiday.not in the perfect condition to write anything.I'll prevent myself from putting nonsense better announced that im on holiday.will update soon

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thx for Ieda( for giving me this award!!

I really super-appreciate this XD

K-ON Opening Theme

This is an opening theme of an anime,K-ON

I really love this song as its very catchy yet still got some sense of 'rock'
I first found it in Japan-related news where this song tops in the Oricon chart,defeating other "proper" singers.Impressive right??

Dis shish da pawa of anime!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Award

Taking this Award from Aina's blog(

Hehe..the number is rising XD

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

An Annoying Auntie

my first comic.hope u all enjoy :P .got lots of flaws..
forgive me =_=||
(this is based on true story)


new update

changed the link button to a better-looking buttons.this is more well-blend with the theme right?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Again.another pissed off

ok,actually not really pissed off,but just kinda annoyed

I read and hear,lots of people(especially female)kinda sexist when it comes to breaking up.I mean,they always say "kalo clash,laki maintain je,xde pape" and "kalo da terwat maksiat,pompuan rugi,laki bkn rugi pe" kind of stuff

I was like,"what?u think guys dont have heart?Dont know how to feel sad when broken up?"Those people say things as if men just a 2-leg creature which have a meat-made pole between their legs.Come on,men still human,they means more than just baby-producing stimulator.

I have a friend which cant use mobile phone,sort of phobia because of broken up with his girlfriend.He would rather face lots of trouble studying in a college without any means of communication other than public phone just because of the pain he felt before.These shows,mens do hurt when it comes to relationship failure,they do not,"maintain je".

When it comes to socialising like holding hands,breast and having sexs,those people say that only female face "loses" and sort of humiliating while men dont.Well,of course we dont have any cerry to popped,we dont have those "selaput dara",but still there are virgin men.Its not about popping cerry or not,its bout both male and female have their own self-worthy,they own honour and self-respect.Dont spit out shits like only woman "damaged" from having those kind of stuff,while men aint affected even one bit.

What I'm trying to say,dont catogorized human into men and woman.Both have heart,both can be sad when breaking up,both can be humiliate when abused.Dont be a hypocrite.No matter how good a woman can be,so does men,and no matter how bad and evil(sexually,if u wanna put it that way) men can be,so does woman.Humans are the same.All have hearts.

this is the third time if post ranting-related entry..haih....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another pissed off issue

ok.this is too much,but i gotta break my vow about this blog,again

i work part time in a boutique,then come this mother,okay,nice, 3 children.the youngest two was maybe around 7 to 5 years old

what made me pissed off was the big sister.she was wearing super-short blouse,a little bit exposed her chest(flat though)with tight pants,of course,without wearing hijab.

its cool with that kind of dressing.still tolerable.some of my frens even my own cousin do wear that kinda of stuff.

what made me mad was that the mother was nice,appropriately dressed but can casually overlook her daughter which wear like some slut and 'bang me for free' on her forehead.I mean,come on,dont u wanna scold her a bit,give her a lesson bout how to appropriately dressed.Arent u ashamed? u bring her to the world,and u let her get that filty??

this is when I gonna say,"haih...parents these days" instead of," these days.
moreover,there were her little sister together.what would they become,growing up with a whore-in-the-making sister?
I look at them and thought,"kids,u just in the line of malaysia next slut"

im not saying dressed like that means they slut,whore or a bad the main point her is the mother who didnt give a damn bout her daughter,the way her daughter dressed, and about a sister which gave a bad example to her little sister.U can rot in hell,but dont dragged ur innocent sisters too

at least,in front of ur own mother and siblings,try to portray a more nice and acceptable least u wont ashamed ur parent nor make ur sibling walk the same filthy road as u.

i'll delete this should-not-be-post-at-any-cost entry soon...I hate breaking my own rules....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog Walking~

I've done a lot of blog walking,and surprisingly ,it paid off :P

My followers increase like 2,3 fold.So,all the work worthwhile in the end.Though that dont really means anything,but I appreciate it :-)

While through all the blog walking,I kinda met lots of kind of people.Well,obviously....
Just one thing I cant coupe with was something like posting 'obscene' picture on their blog.Yes...thats their blog,but,I mean,in certain pic,the way they dress was....really overboard,they gone too far,especially regarding to certain religion.I cant stop myself from disgusted...

I dont really care if the religion that they practice permits it,but otherwise,its just really pissed me off.Worse when they put some religous-related entry while the picture of they themselves just like a walking billboard of defiying gods and the religion itself.That really offended me as we (supposedly) practice the same belief.

Maybe I'm just in a state of shock after seeing the reality of the current world.Not that I expect any less from this.,still,its unbelievable.

I remember one saying from one of the blog I visited,"geek comes out to the world".

Maybe Im a geek after all....

Shouldnt discuss this any further.This is not what this blog meant for.....

My Fourth Award!!

Thx to Arab for granting me this award >_< .I'll make sure that I'll visit ur blog always :P

Again,thx bro!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Finally,the make-over fully finished.

The sore buttons have been replaced with brand-new superb buttons.More to my-taste.Perfect.

new update

-new buttons(better but still not the best)
-clock(based on kuala lumpur)
-online viewer indicator
-visitor counter
-list of awards >_<

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Third Award!!

Thx to Syed for giving me this award.I'm honoured to have the opportunity to display this award in my blog.Thx bro :)

Sergeant Keroro

I love Keroro Gunsou!! >_< [gunsou=sergeant] Coz its funny,hilarious and still,motivation-ly educative.I read the manga first then I watch the anima.Damn funny.The anime its better coz when they walk the make a "pinyu" sound for every step.Kawaii >_<
ps:Im good in japanese language (no,joking only=_=)

Once,I went to Penang Queensbay Mall with my friends,and I saw this one shirt with Keroro Gunsou printing on it,and its in gold colour.I was like,"OMG,so majestic-looking keroro".Then,I storm into the shop,take the m siza and quickly pay,without any second wasted, changed the shirt I'm wearing and put on the keroro shirt =_= .


Yesterday,my schoolmate,Rozafiq's mother had passed away because of stroke.She passed away around 11.00 a.m.I hope and plead all of us to recite surah Al-Fatihah for the deceased.Hopefully,she will rest together with the other righteous mukmins.

[actually I was planning on posting this yesterday but somehow it slip my mind.I'm sorry.....]

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Second Award!!

My second award >_<

thx to syiera.I appreciate it.Owh...the number are rising :anxious: :P

Recap on Anybody heard of HPA??

I write those post as referring to my past experienced,which like 4,5 months ago.So,any changes like the wedges gets cheaper or they use real cheese insted of lame thousand island sauce,I apologies for everything I said and I will edit this post.

I also would like any comment or information regarding this topic.I would like to be enlighten by somebody with wider knowledge than me regarding this matter

Anybody Heard of HPA?? part two

But,the way they sell their things,with ridiculously price tag,imagine,the first outlet but tagged at the international-standard price.Talk about overestimating self-worthy.Then,there's obviously-inferior kind of food,which only stupid gonna buy it,at least at that kind of priced.

They simply shut their business down.By their own smart-ass..I mean way of taking advantages of the situation.Maybe not now,maybe not next year,but they never gonna be able to face head on with KFC,let alone replacing it.A really bad way of handling business.So much of "helping brothers" chanting,while at the same time sucking ur own "so-called-brothers" wallet dry.

They are local-type of business,why put such an exclusive price tag?What kind of stupidity is this?Owh,did I mention that their place was filthy?
Then,after some time,there got Radix Chicken Rice.My dad went there with my little brother.They ordered up a chicken chop and a fresh orange.My dad said that the chicken taste damn bad,and its expensive(i cant remember,but its more than RM10) while the fresh orange taste damn like Sunquick,tag at RM2.80.

I kinda believe his 'review' as we have our favorite spot for chicken chop and its damn tasty,always pack with customer,at only cost RM8.

Like what I said earlier,for what the hell of reason do they have to put such an utterly-big-company-which-have-hundred-outlet-worldwide kind of price???
I just dont get it.If u wanna help ur "brother",if u wanna us to support local industry,then u should start by putting "LOCAL" prices!!

To me,put RFC and KFC in one-to-one comparison,I'm surely buy KFC.Why?

-Their prices are the same(some RFC are much higher,eg:wedges)
-KFC taste better
-RFC prove themselves as a bad and dishonest salesman,buy putting ridiculously highly priced on a very inferior-taste food.I see them just as bad as KFC(if u wanna put KFC as the bad guy).

Anybody Heard of HPA??

ok.first and foremost,this is just my point of view.Discussion,not accusation or blaming anybody.Just what I already experienced and what I had in my mind.

Very soon after the crisis regarding Israel attacking Palestine,really bad and all,got this place called Radix Fried Chicken.Own by HPA.This RFC mainly to be the substitute to KFC,which accused as fueling Israel wallet on buying bombs to drop on Palestinian.So,all the hype on helping other Muslim,boycott the Israel-related industry surfaces.

I support this,I mean,if u read my previous post on this crisis,I support this kind of counterattack.Provide alternative for Muslims.Our own KFC,our own Starbucks and etc.Its healthier on the economy and provide great long-term effects.100 times better than suicide bombing of course.

I went to RFC,once(coz I dont wanna go there again).There this organic herb chicken,quite good.Not bad for a start.There herb burger,nice.Healthy yet tasty.Then, I saw this like cheezy-wedges wannabe.So,I thought,"lets try it".Then,I damn pissed off and disappointed.

The price are almost the same KFC.Hell,the wedges are more expensive than KFC's cheezy wedges.RFC cost RM3.50 while KCF cost RM3.30,when taxed with 5%,it becomes RM3.47.Still 3 cent cheaper.

KFC's cheezy wedges got bbq cheese on top of it,obviously...rite?While RFC's wedges got thousand island mayonnaise on it.HAHA,seriously,thousand island sauce?I can just bought it at any mini market.Find the LADY'S CHOICE one,tasty.Its not even as good as KFC's,but tagged at higher prices?At least,I cant buy the cheezy wedges's bbq cheese at my neighborhood mini market.

What I'm trying to say here,RFC got a wide open chance here.With the crisis flaming,they easily can take the advantage,create an alternative for KFC which we know loved by most Malaysians.With the "boycott Israel stuff" and "Buy Islamic-owned stuff" sticker paste almost everywhere,they like opening a shop which have thousand of people line-up just to buy their stuff.Its like having a girl's legs open wide in front of u.Pure advantage and chances.Its money in the pocket already.

continue in part two~

My First Award!!

ok...a little nervous,coz just a month create a blog,then got my first award.My god!!

Thx a lot to CAPIQA for this award.It means a lot.I hope someday I can treat u someting,if we have a chance to meet :D (seriously,this is a promise)

Blog Walking

Just got back from blog walking,follow some blogs(trying to gain more followers -_- ).

Damn tired,as tired as physically walking -_-|||.....wanna go piss....

(what the hell is this post about??!!)


finally able to upload the video.At first the size was 50 mb,so I try to convert it to lower quality and format,get 20 mb at the end.It took me 1 hour to fully upload it,damn slow.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Video On Dean's Death

Ok,I watched Supernatural Season 3 episode 11-Mystery Spot.The story was there is a trickster,which can manipulate reality.He done it on Sam so that he will experience the same Tuesday over and over again,for hundred times.

What worse is that at the end of the day,Dean die.No matter what he done,Dean still dead,some only cause him to die earlier.When Dean dead,he will wake up,on the same day,and experience the same Tuesday.

The funny part is that the way Dean died.At first,it was dramatic,but when it comes to the third time,things get really hilarious.The way he died just getting more ridiculous.I laugh until tears drop from my eyes.Then my mom came and ask me,"u okay??" .lol

and I editted the video and put only the best part.Enjoy,and please watch for the sake of my effort and the fun and laughter it might give u.

One Ear Less

No,I still got both of my ears.

Recently,or exactly 2 days ago,my ears kinda hurt.It started with when Im trying to tuck my earphone deeper in my ears,as if it was insert into the ear with right position,the sound will gets better,and the bass gets more pumpier.

Yes,I tuck it the wrong way,dead wrong,not like I always to,ended up hurting my damn ear till today.Just not that I can tuck my earphone anymore,I can even touch it.Worse was if I was bowing,like when Im praying,it hurts too.Ah,and when I yawn,opening my mouth so wide,it hurts annoying

So,now I can only listen to one earphone only,not a pair.Man,Im just started to like Cradle of Filth...haih....

owh,it was my left ear,if u were wondering...

Tagged:Kasih Sayang Mengikut Bulan Lahir

OK.seriously I dont wanna put this kinda of stuff....It gives me....chill,like centipede-at-ur-spine kind of chill.Simply said,geli la.

But,what makes me post this nevertheless was,when I look at my description,it was dead on.Bulls eye.Which is kinda funny,lol.

Anyway,here this is

[this is tagged from .visit her blog if u have some time]
ps:havent ask her permission yet.gomen.. -_-||||

Kasih Sayang Mengikut Bulan Lahir

Januari - Mudah jatuh cinta. - Mudah melupakan perasaan cinta terhadap orang yangdicintai sekiranya dikhianati. - Pandai mengambil hati pasangannya. - Selalu berdiam diri ketika bertemu denganpasangannya. - Bersikap romantik tapi tidak pandaimemperlihatkannya. - Sikap cemburu yang tinggi terhadap pasangannya tapi tidak kisah sekirannya pasangannya cemburuterhadapnya. - Bakal jadi seorang bapa atau ibu yang penyayang. - ramai kenalan, sedikit pemalu dan bersungguh-sungguh bila melakukan kerja.

Febuari - Sukar untuk jatuh cinta . - Amat hormat kepada pasangan. - Amat suka memikat pasangan. - Jujur dan berterus terang dalam perhubungan. - Sentiasa nekad untuk bersama dengan pasangannya - Sangat romantik pada dalaman dan bukan padaluaran(hanya pasangannya yang tahu) . - Patuh kepada pasangannya dan selalu menjaga hati pasangan. - Amat menjaga penampilan diri dan pasangannya.

Mac - Mudah menawan hati pasangannya. - Sentiasa ingin didampingi oleh pasangannya. - Sangat pemalu dalam meluahkan isi hati. - Sangat baik dalam menjaga perhubungan. - Amat sukar melupakan pasangan yang dicintai. - Perasaan cemburu yang minima. - Sangat manja dan sering ingin dimanjai pasangannya. - Mudah memilih pasangan tanpa berfikir dengan waras. - Sentiasa mengharapkan keistimewaan dari pasangan.

April - Individu yang amat sukar untuk jatuh cinta. - Selalu memendam perasaan terhadap individu yangdicintai. - Sukar dan malu dalam meluahkan isi hati. - Sentiasa ingin diberi perhatian. - Amat cemburu dalam perhubungan. - Kesetiaan teguh terhadap pasangannya. - Emosi cepat terusik dan mudah terluka. - Sentiasa menjaga hati pasangan dan pandai memujuk. - Romantik dan terlalu romantik. - Sukar melupakan pasangan walaupun dilukai. - Sukar berlaku curang dan amat menyayangi pasangan.

Mei - Amat mudah jatuh cinta. - Baik dan jujur dalam perhubungan. - Pandai menarik hati pasangan. - Perasaan cinta yang mendalam. - Mudah untuk di pujuk. - Mudah menerima cinta seseorang. - Pilihan yang tepat dalam berpasangan. - Nekad untuk menjaga hubungan yang baik. - Pandai mengatur hidup pasangan (bukan Queen Controlatau King Control) . - Suka mengangankan sesuatu yang indah bersama pasangan. - Sentiasa dahagakan kasih sayang dari pasangan tapitak pandai memperlihatkan. - Ambil berat dalam menjaga hubungan.

Jun - Amat pandai menjaga hati pasangan sekiranya diaperempuan. - Sukar melukai dan memahami hati pasangan. - Mudah jatuh hati tapi terlalu memilih. - Cerewet dalam hubungan. - Selalu beremosi. - Mudah merajuk dan mudah di pujuk. - Selalu melindungi pasangan dari kritikan atauumpatan orang. - Elok untuk menjadi Ibu yang baik. - Dahagakan pujian dari pasangan.

Julai - Amat suka didampingi pasangan. - Sukar dimengerti oleh pasangan. - Sentiasa menjaga maruah diri, pasangan danperhubungan. - Amat mudah dipujuk dan berterus terang. - Amat menghargai kesetiaan pasangan. - Mengambil berat dan mengasihi pasangan - Berkebolehan untuk meluahkan isi hati terhadapindividu yang dicintai. - Mudah terluka dan lambat untuk pulih. - Suka merajuk dan dipujuk. - Setia terhadap pasangan. - Suka mendengar dan tidak suka membantah. - Cemburu terhadap pasangan. - Suka menilai dan menjaga perhubungan.

Ogos - Pandai memujuk pasangan - Suka memimpin pasangan. - Romantik, Pengasih dan Penyayang. - Kelam kabut dalam perhubungan. - Sangat sensitif . - Mudah meluahkan kata cinta pada sesiapa yangberkenan.

September - Bersopan dalam hubungan. - bertolak ansur terhadap pasangan. - Suka mengkritik pasangan. - Sangat prihatin terhadap pasangan. - Sangat sensitif dan emosi. - Pandai memahami pasangan. - Kurang menunjukkan perasaannya terhadap pasangan. - Sukar melupakan sekiranya hati terluka. - Mudah simpati dengan perasaan dan masalah pasangan. - Pandai menyimpan perasaan. - Suka berterus terang jika perkara itu tak disetujuinya.

Oktober - Amat suka berkomunikasi dengan pasangan. - Suka disayangi dan menyayangi pasangan. - Sopan terhadap pasangan. - Jujur dan jarang berpura-pura dengan pasangan. - Mudah terluka hati sekiranya pasangan adamelakukan kesalahan terhadapnya. - Emosi yang mudah terusik. - Pengasih, Penyayang terhadap pasangan. - Cemburu dan terlalu cemburu. - Romantik - Memahami pasangan.

November - Cermat dan teliti dalam menjaga perhubungan. - Amat berahsia dengan pasangan dan sesiapa. - Agak degil dan kuat pendirian. - Mudah ambil berat terhadap pasangan. - Emosi yang mendalam. - Perangai tidak dapat diramal terhadap pasangan.

Disember - Pemurah terhadap perhubungan - Mudah jatuh cinta dalam masa yang sama. - Tergesa-gesa dalam perhubungan - Suka didampingi oleh pasangan. - Benci bila dikongkong. - Berbakat untuk kahwin lebih dari satu.(Utk Lelaki) - Suka mempengaruhi pasangan.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Finally,I finished my blog make-over.I spend:

-1 day searching for a template from 3rd party side and end up messed up coz of prob with HTMl.End up just use same template but change colour and use different background.

-1 day just to create button(the tutorial,download,creating button).

still,the button stick out like sore thumb.gotta improvise it.The edge not so pixalate as I use blur effect,but still not satisfying.

but I stop here,all of this too tiring.Enough is enough.Also,here I wanna declare,this layout/theme is called CRIMSON CHAOS

sound flashy right?kinda kinky too lol.But its much cooler this way :P .
now back to posting........

Update on make-over

made some button to my favourite links.

I made it,but the button looks like half-assed made.Damn.Used

The pixel..aint sharp.Like got some short on pixel.Looks distorted.Im still weak at this.
And here I thought,"oowwhh,Im so gooood in using Photoshop"...yeah right....stupid ass..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Major Make-Over

This is how my blog looks now!!

This is the biggest make-over I ever done

-new banner,check
-new background,check
-new colour on template
-new button(still got work to improvise it)

I spend all day to fin the right template but just got lots of error on HTML code.Damn..
Pissed me off.
Anyway,its all done now.Got little bit to work on...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nuffnang ad

I face quite a hard time trying to put the Nuffnang add.
Had to play with the HTML code

Damn,I was so pissed off.Its a pain in the ass.I sucks at this

Monday, June 1, 2009


Tons of post today :P
feel a bit rajin anyway...

Men VS Woman finale

In Japan,the pornography industry so huge that they cant banned it.Even girls not hesitated to join the industry,like Maria Ozawa who self-willingly search and join the industry(she's hot).
Does that means woman are nothing but slut?No,its just they havent realized the potential of male hooker.

Look into the bigger picture,in Resident Evil 5,there some controversy where the zombie which usually white-skin man change to African,which black-skin man.Some call racism.What the hell,that was like the 8th entry of the Resident Evil series and 7 of them feature white-skin zombie,and no crap like racism.Now,try to make change in the newest entry,suddenly some shit bout racism appeard.Hell,hypocrite.

Another one,b4 this US got white-skin man for their president,does that mean white guy great?No,coz now Obama is in the house.Before this US got great economy background,does that mean US great?No,coz now they fall down like never before.Before this Japan got nuke,does that mean Japanese sucks?No,coz although other countries in bad shape,they kinda can hold on(compare to US),this can cleary observe by the condition of both national automobile industry.

What I'm trying to say,human cant be judge by the sexs,by the races nor skin-colour.All human are the same,what makes us different is ourself.If we want to succeed,no matter what sex we are,what race nor skin-colour,we can.Its all depends on the path that we choose ourself,thats what determine who we gonna be.

To sum up,I believe all human are same.Either men or woman.We all got the potential in ourself.Nobody superior than anybody.

Men VS Woman part 2


She said that nowadays more woman enter university compare to few years back and more of them getting high-pay jobs.

Well,its normal.The requirement to enter university is that u have the brain,not that u have a dick.Men nor woman can enter university.The reason that the number increasing is that more woman are exposed to the vitalness of having proper education.Its been sort of our custom that woman has to stay in the kitchen.Dont have to futher study,just marry and produce kids.

Even now,my girl was asked by her granny to stop studying,dont go to university and go marry some guy(apparently nice and religious type).See,thats why there less woman in university for past 50 years.Its our mentality,got nothing to do with woman overtaking men.Bout the job,ok,in Forbes's billionaire ranking,the top 3 are men.So,does that mean men better than woman?No,because those rich guy got female secretary.They still need woman coz without them,their watsoever bussiness cant go on.

So,what I'm trying to say,man can get rich and succesfull.Neither men nor woman.All the same.


Kamen Rider Kabuto:Fin

Today,I finished the whole Kamen Rider Kabuto series.More than 5 month trying to finish all 49 episodes.Its really enjoying,the plot are great,strong and hilarious.Really enjoying.Just some riders are lack some spotlight,more like been abandon in the series.Thats what happen when you have too much character.But other than that,its great.

This is one of the show that portrait the main character as someone cocky,full of himself and very confident.I learn a lot from him.This kinda of stuff not only for the sake of entertainment,but some educate us on how to act,simply said that to show us the right attitude to have in urself.

here some clips in its last episode:

Men VS Woman part 1

I chat with one of my friend and we ended up talking bout woman getter better than man.I gonna say my point of view here.Not offending anybody ok?

she said bout now lots of mat rempit.So,'mat' indicates men,meaning more men sink low,become asshole and moreover endanger other citizen.Less become successful,let alone contribute to the country.

Ok.Yes,mat rempit is a men,but ever heard of minah rempit?To me,the number of mat and minah rempit are almost the same.No men can live without a pussy.It takes two to tango.Maybe not equal but aint much of different.Well,woman got extra hole....many can do one gurl...

When back in the 80s and 90s,there this outbreak called 'bohsia',just like how 'mat rempit' is right now.But at that time,bohsia were woman.So,thus this mean woman are filthy compare to man?Thus this mean men more noble than woman?No,because woman cant be 'bohsia' without a men.Bohsia was more or less like hooker,but they were free,no fees.Cheap eh?Again,it takes two to tango.

more to come.continue~

Hot Spring which not really that 'hot'(say it Paris-Hilton-way) part 2


Then we arrived at the hotspring.I was surprised as I though we gonna be in the middle of the jungle and all but what appeared in front of my eyes was more like....water theme park.The car was flooding everywhere and there tons of people loitering there.By their look,seems like most of them are the infamous mat rempit.I was like,"haih.....".

Then,we enter the hotspring,after paying fees of course.I cant remember how much.It was 2 in the morning,and the crows was like there was a cheap sale by Mydin.Damn many.Like I state before,the place reeks of those guys...and their girls.I spotted some tent.Well,it is a really ideal place to bang.Its deep inside forest,its full of people and no way in hell there will be raid by the authorities.Its a water theme park,duh.Its damn safe.Clever...,I would say.

There are several pool with different level of heat.The source is the pool no.1 where the water gonna channel to other pool to be cool down to the required temperature.The most noticable is that the water is damn dirty.Its colour was nescafe-like.I think maybe because of the high capacity and the place cant hold them at one time.Well,those guys dont come for the hotspring,they come for a safe spot to bang.

I bath for like an hour then clean up.I cant stand the filthiness of the water.We went back at 4 am.I was really dissapointed and just not woth the long drive.Its dirty,pack with scumbags and uncomfortable.The no.2 pool was the best as its not too hot nor too cold,but the water level was at knee level.The lazy ass dint turn on the water pipe to fill the pool to its original level.Asshole.Surely,there's lots of chicks,and Im talking bout sexy chicks,but they were not enough as compensation.....wait...maybe good enough...or maybe not....

The Suzurans Are Back

Crows Zero are back with its sequel,Crows Zero II .The movie was about a school,which is the hardest in town,where students are fighting each other and forming gangs to be the king of the hill.The spotlight are on Genji Takaya,son of a Yakuza group boss, who is a freshie,but have high dreams on conquering the school of crows,and succeeding his daddy.

Here the synopsis of the second entry:

The story is set about 8 months after the first movie. Genji is close to graduation at Suzuran High School, but one last matter must be settled with a rival school.

Genji (Shun Oguri) still hasn't quite managed to unify badass haven Suzuran High School under one leader due to a decisive loss to the mysterious Linda Man.

Unfortunately his goal of local domination must be put on hold when a long-standing truce with rival high school Housen Gakuen is suddenly broken. Led by the ferocious Taiga Narumi (Kaneko Nobuaki), Housen launches an all-out assault on Suzuran, throwing the reigning toughest school in all of Japan into a state of crisis

This is one of my favourite gangster-like movie.Its real,the fighting are not too hyperbolic,its emotional and also,funny.Its a must-watch movie.But the torrent arent out yet...shit...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hot Spring which not really that 'hot'(say it Paris-Hilton-way)

After went back from my friends house,ok.Here got short silly story.I went to take bus straight from Kangar to Jitra but the earliest one was at 6.30 pm.Then,I though I gonna take a bus to Alor Setar then back to Kedah.Then,when I arrived at Alor Setar,it was exactly 6.30 pm.Then I realize,I still havent went back to Jitra yet,its 6.30 already.But,if i took the first bus,I already can on my way to Jitra.To make the situation worse,the earliest bus to Jitra was at 7.15 pm.

That was one of my worse miscalculation I ever done in my life.The worse.I keep cursing myself while on the way walking to the mosque for Asar prayer.

Then,I arrived at Jitra on 7.30,then went to 'Pasar Malam',buy some snacks,satay and fruits.After that,I went back to my cousin's house and have our dinner,packing up and went to his friends house to "rendezvous" before head to our destination almost 80 km far.Suprisingly,his friend's little sister was one of the student in my matriculation college,not that we know each other but I kinda remember her face.Kinda cute anyway :P

continue in part two~

Mini Reunion

Thats what my friend called it...

Yesterday,I went to one of my friends,Nik Nur Hazwanie(gomen for the misspelling) house because her older sister getting married.Apparently now most university students are on holiday,so lots of my friends able to attend the...function?....

We meet up,and keep asking how others are doing,telling stories from the old days and jokes around.Lucky,that though some I havent seen for almost 2 years,but there were almost no awkwardness between us.Kinda great,I would say.

We went around 3.50 pm,kinda late.Quite obvious as the food already almost finire(finished).But seriously,the food was damn great.Really tasty.Nice.Then we went back around 5 o'clock.I would like to hang around longer but I had to went back earlier because my cousin wanted to take me too hot water spring.Will tell later on next post.

me and my fren at the "pelamin".Kinda too 'flashy' lol.

this pic only got my back.....cliche'.got lots of this :sigh:

again...just my back...:sigh:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The result

This is how my blog look now.Not much different,just new background.The design kinda emo-ish and no,I'm not into emo.Just love white and black colour.

I also try cutting the entry to parts for the sake of shorter entry.Hope I can turn people on by playing with their,I mean by playing around with colour,attractive backgrounds and template.

Anyway,thx to my friend Naz cos I found the site to search for background from her blog.

(is this plagiating?)

Recap on Love or Not??!!

Ok,the reason why I'm triggered to wrote the Love or Not??!! is because I had a crisis with my girl,not the first time,just that its getting worst.She kinda obsessed with the "if u love someone,let him go" principle.Everytime she makes a mistake or made me mad,then she start spouting stuff like,"we're finished","lets end this".

When I let her cool her head down,ask her again,she said that she sad that she cant be the best for me,so she deciding to let me go,and find other girl,better girl.Seriously,I even mad when I hear that.

For me,if u love somebody,you gonna work hard to be the best for her/him,change urself if u need to.Throw away all the bad habit and attitude.Surely it can be achieved as long as u love her/him.If u cant or fail,that just proof that udint love her/him.There is no such thing as "little love" and "lots of love".Its either love or no love.When you love someone,it can be confirm by how much u would go for him/her,how much you would change ur old and bad self,how hard would you convinced her/him to never let you go when u made a mistakes.

That why it is possible to be the best for our love one,no matter how imperfect we are,as long we have love.

There is no such thing as "if u love someone,let him go".that just shit spout by somebody who gonna find new guy/girl to hooked up.When u love someone,u just never let her/him go,because that's what love is.Other than that,just hypocrite and self-centeredness.

Somehow,she can accept that after almost 2 years trying to put that simple concept inside her head.Just too hard-headed....

Supernatural fever

Its Supernatural time!! lol.Actually, I just start watch the show in its 4th season because before that I dont really have the time,heck,I dont even know bout it.Before this,when it airing on TV3 during Sunday night,I cant watch as I was at hostel at that time.So,I just kinda missed it but I bump into the show again when I went to college,thanks to my friends doing all the hard work downloading it.

The show is really good,I mean,hey, its modern ghost-busting.Quite scarry but what really keeps me captivated was the actors,the main character.Its because Dean is Dean, and Sam being Sam,that what makes it interesting.Their different yet complement-each-other attitude keeps the show going,at the same time,hillarious too.It have all the element,scarry,creepy,funny,cool and hot(you know what I mean :P ).

Now downloading the season finale,while doing some homework by catching up the previous season.Thanks youtube,I owe you much.Now on season three episode 5.The best part is,in season 2 finale,the entry song was Kansas's Carry On My Way-ward Son catch my interest,ending up downloaded straight to my juxebox file.You can called it,sudden-fanatism.

Now,where is my episode 6.....

Love or Not??!! part tre

ultimo pezzo~
(if you wonder,it means last piece)

Second case,another film,where a guy,love this girl,lets called her A.Then suddenly,the guy caught up it lots of debts.Coincidental debts from A's father.Then,having no other option left,the father offer him pretty good proposal,where he have to marry A's older sister and then,all he's debts are settle.Then the marriage was held on.Although the guy have to marry the girl he dint love,and have to let go the one he love,while A have to let go his guy to her sister,both agree that its "god's will","when u love someone,u must put urself,ur fate,entirely in HIS hands".

Again,I dint agree.Ok.He is in debts,then work urass and find a job,work overtime,dint sleep,work 24,7,collect money,just eat grass and sand,come on,others can do it,we can do it.Malaysia boleh,isn't it?Gather enough money and pay the debt.What the hell with "marry-a-girl-and-debts-settle" policy.Hell,I would love to be in that guy shoes.In debts,and to solve it,screw a pussy.Man,damn lucky.If in case,he can pay the debts,so be it.Die if u must.Its your responsibility.Then that's "GOD'S WILL".Then that's "IF WE LOVE SOMEONE,WE MUST PUT URSELF,UR FATE IN HIS HANDS".Im getting sick with this misleading-but-seems-romantic-to-some-retard messages.Stop being hypocrite and self-centered

The concept is simple,if u love someone,u never let her/him go.Never.Under what circumstances,unless it is proven that he/she would be happier with somebody else and it is her/his will,then u can let go.Else,no.Hell no.Marry the one u love,not the one who will save ur ass from death sentences,from thousand bucks debts.

(yes,it means,finish)

All-American Rejects anyone?

Yesterday,I finished downloading When World Goes Down album,the newest from All-American Rejects.I was their fan since their previous album,Move Along.Quite a good album,I would give around 70 percent plus as their mark.An alternative rock band with their own identity though they sound plain,just like other many bands.

Well,I would say their latest entry have gone worse.The getting a lot more mellow(maybe its trend,when your number of album increases,you get mellow-er, soft and slow.Linkin Park anyone?).Or maybe its just me,I always have this unfanciness with slow,mellow song.No,no Coldplay please.Apart from that,the instrument that they use kinda odd,I think got flute also,and another one which I know how it looks,but dont know the name,by listening to the sound it produced.Well,maybe they just use keyboard anyway.That does instill quite a little bit sense of uniqueness.

But still,they have their on identity in it,their own mark.So,it aint bad as its hard to keep the album as qenuine as theirs.So,it aint that really dissapointing.

Got good songs like their first single,Give You Hell.Thats song is fun,try the video.Its hillarious.Another one is Another Heart Calls,where there got girl sing along in the song,like a duet.Nicely fit in I would say.Two always better than one,like,no,I mean Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's No Air and Evanescence's Bring Me To Life where they feat with Paul McCoy from Stone 17 if I'm not mistaken.Duets are good.

Love or Not??!! parte due

secondo parte~

I give several example,like this film,showing this guy got imprisoned for a mistake he never committed.Then,somehow the main witness got into coma and in order to wake her up(in a way of believing god's will),he has to say to her,eventhough she is in coma,that he would marry her coz apparently the witness like the guy,although the guy was married,and apparently the wife allow polygamy in order to save the guy from death sentences.And again,apparently,thanks to god's will,the witness woke up from coma just as the guy finished his propose sentence(cliche).

Ok,some find this "ohh,so touching,romantic" and blabla.While I found this as unfair to the girl.Yaa,she gonna married to a man which didn't love her.He just proposed her for the sake of saving his own damn ass.Imagine getting f*ck by a guy who didn't even love you in the first place.While from the guy point of view,he has to marry a girl he didn't love,but well,who gonna refuse a free treat?That's the reality.We cant go off marrying anybody just for the sake of anything else other than love her and keep spouting,"god's will","its fate.I must accept this".Have some sympathy to the girl.Would you marry someone who dint love you?Its a disgrace to her and gonna hurt her feelings damn bad.

Things should be this way,wait for the witness to woke up from coma.If she wont,then find other witness,if cannot find other way,make plead or anything,if all ends fail,then accept the fact that u gonna die.Then that is "god's will.Then that is "FATE".I dont see this as romanticness.I see that this guy is selfish and cruel.Marry other woman just to save his ass,ending up making his wife sad.Seriously,sending off this kind of message......,its retard.

continue to the last part,parte tre

New Facelift

One of my friend said that my blog kinda blank,not eye-catching....well,obviously,I just use the stock template.

So, I decided to change the layout a bit,the background and soon after I figure out on my expired Photoshop(damn..),maybe a new header.

Ah,she also said my entry too long,it turn her off.Well,gotta do something bout it to.I take critisim in a positive manner.No sweat,its always welcome.Keep it coming,cheers.