Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Noodle Station Rock!

Last saturday, I went to Alamanda with by gurl's bro. His gro is damn tall and big, pretty scary though.well this is my first time to Alamanda, so pretty anxious and psyhe up lol. Owh, and my first time to Putrajaya too. Pretty nice for a place where prime minister's office is. The boulevard is nice though the road condition below average =_= .

Then, to Alamanda. It's is two storey shopping complex, pretty small and the second floor is not really a "second floor" as it's pretty low and mezzanine-like.quite small to me which accustomed to Midvalley and queensbay, penang. First thng we done was dine at Noodle Station. It was quite a let down as I was aiming for Burger King. Well, it's somebody else treat anyway, no need to complain :P. I order a Fried Hokien Noodle Thai Style (spicy) and an ice coffee( the cheapest drink there). I was worry whether the noodle too spicy for me but when it come, suprisingly the noodle was white and clear. The noodle itself pretty small, springy and clear. Seriously, what kind of noodle they use?

I can see pieces spices and chili spread along the noodle, small pieces of those. I took a bite and I was lift up to the heaven. It takes so good, not spicy but you can feel the tomyam flavour, the noodle was wrapped by fried egg pretty nicely and not too much, preseving the taste of the spices without too much taste of egg. The meal also balance as it contain sufficient amount of vege and chicken. There is one ingredient which I couldnt figured out. It taste sweet and quite chewy, which really boost the eating experience. The amount of noodle is satisfied and overall, worth well with priced at RM6.50. It's unique to think you can get full experienced tomyam-taste noodle with a dry fried one together with egg smoothing out the texture. I will surely have it again.

Sadly I forgot to take some pics...

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm so into Green Day!

For this whole week, I have been listening to Green Day's new album,21st Century Breakdown. I don't even know whether I'm into punk or not in the first place.

I listen to one or two of Green Day's songs, but not that i really know them like how their fans are.I just can't listen Blink 182,really can't. I love Good Charlotte, but some say they not really "true" punk band. So,I don't really sure, does punk suit to my ears?

This album is the first Green Day's album that I listen to every single song in the whole album. Full. From the first track to the last. What I can say, my first impression are, they are like punk-ed-The Beatles.

Not that I really listen to The Beatles, but their songs in this album are really easy going, nothing complicated nor sophisticated, just harsh punk guitar rift, fast pace drumming, some lead, rinse and repeat, finish.

It's simple. You don't have to strain ur mind to listen to their song.It's just a really simple yet entertaining music. Apart from clever lyrics which like in American Idiot, going on about world crisis, syndrome of society and all, the music is really easy going. It's not lack details or sense, but to me, this is how punk music should be, a 4 minutes of an-easy-going-yet-fun-and-thrilling-adventure.

Most of the songs, I found it start with a mellow intro apart from Know Your Enemy, Horseshoe and Handgrenade, and Murder City, which to me, kinda a turn off for first impression, but after that the melody and tempo change drastically to typical punk style.There are also some slow rock, mellow songs. I love it, the voice and the instrument suit well and really soothing.

The song that attract me the most is Peacemaker as the song sound really different from the other tracks. It got Mexican style melody and to me, a little bit taste of Arabian. Really fun, enjoying and entertaining. I keep laughing while listening to it. I've been thinking," where the hell did those guys found the idea to make this song".

To sum up, I love their easy going and light-yet-still-punk music in this new album. It's easily comprehend and entertaining. Some say that they on the end of their fame, though American Idiot did rise them to quite a great height, but I like this Green Day. Maybe this is not how Green Day are when they did the (great) Dookie album, but I like the today, here and now, GREEN DAY.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


(i know this kinda slowpoke,still,wanna rite my review :P)
I went to watch this movie with my girl. I'm not too into harry potter but she was crazy about it, so we decide to watch it.

The sixth installment of Harry Potter series should be one of the darkest of all.because Sirius died,Dumbledore gonna die,death eaters wreak havoc.all awful thing gonna happen.

But I find this movie a little bit too relaxed and laid have too much of romantic scene, as the characters are growing into teenager,and the hormones runs wild and etc.

I read in a newspaper that this is a 4-out-of-5 stars movie because even thought it is dark and lots of tension,the movie still controlled by scenes regarding of romantic,jealousy and hilarious.I couldn't agree more.this installment is very funny,I just laugh a lot through out the movie.

But to me,all the scenes just ruins the impression of this suppose to be a 'dark' just failed to fife that impression,to put the stress and tension of the main character to the me,a movie which able to give that impression and success on being a dark movie is Fast and Furious 4. I love the character Dominic that Vin Diesel bring,he damn mad but he didn't go shouting and swearing and killing(like Bond in Quantum of Solace),he just scowled a lot.I love it.really cool,though he doesn't show his anger,u can feel it.

Apart from that,I feel that the movie doesn't have real subject to focus on,it's like the focus wondering throughout the movie.I just can't feel,who is the real subject,the true focus of the's like the focus is scattering everywhere.

Frankly I'm not much of a fan of Harry potter but easily I know,the Order of Phoenix is better than the latest installment.This is not a dark movie,its somewhat a mixed of serious and laid-back-comedy movie,and they dont blend well.which,supported by my girl too. it just really disappointing.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bus Driver

I was waiting bus at UKM,yes,they have bus service where according to zone,they will go to their specific route and destination.I was waiting for zone 3 which will go to my gurl college because I want to give back her notebook

I was running from my college(Pendeta Zaba) because afraid of being late as its getting late,around 7.00 pm(7.30 to 8.30,no bus.maghrib-prayer-break).I was sweating badly due to running(and head-banging while running to The Static Age,Green Day from 21st Century Breakdown)

Then,I saw the bus coming,getting ready to hop on the bus,it breaks,and reverse,and sped off,leaving me dumb-founded like a fool there.I was like,WTFH!!!! I'm damn tired,I have the very rights to get on the F bus,and the F uncle didnt even open the door for me.Yes,there's a lot of other student on the bus,but its not pack,still have some space for 3,4 person.

Then,alone at the bus stop, I'm cursing the damn uncle,flashing my middle finger in the middle air.

Ok,seriously.What he did is irrational(hell,yeah!).Because,no matter what happen,he should stop when a passsenger want to get into the bus.Its in his job-prescription-list.

"The bus is packed" aint an excuse.No matter how pack it is,the bus driver have to stop,the passenger have to right to try to fit in,or by his judgement,determine whether he should or shouldnt hop on the bus.He cant pass judgement just like that and neglect passengers(like me!)

If he in a bad mood,thats far more stupid excuse.If u cant carry out the responsible in the job that u take, then dont work at all.Resign,pass to somebody else.There's whole lot of other people want to be in his shoe,especially in this recession times.

To me,he not doing his work,how he suppose to,and how he been paid to.To muslim,you guys know what happen when we took something aint ours.

So,my advice,when u guys go to work someday,work honestly.Fulfill ur jobs prescription,at least.If u guys cant handle the tension,then resign.Dont put other people in deep shit because of ur own damn incompetent.

ps:I help my gurl to do the PTPTN loan application,and there were 500 people applied on that day,and the officers work from 9am till 8.30,still got 50 people to go.

One of them got all berserk,shouting "i dont care,sick of this work,from morning till night,still havent finished!",then after 5 minutes,he apologised to all of the students in the hall,and get back to work.Though looks nasty,but still he fulfill his job prescription.

Just take that 5 minutes of shouting and ranting as his "time-out" :P .Still,way better than that bus driver.