Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hot Spring which not really that 'hot'(say it Paris-Hilton-way)

After went back from my friends house,ok.Here got short silly story.I went to take bus straight from Kangar to Jitra but the earliest one was at 6.30 pm.Then,I though I gonna take a bus to Alor Setar then back to Kedah.Then,when I arrived at Alor Setar,it was exactly 6.30 pm.Then I realize,I still havent went back to Jitra yet,its 6.30 already.But,if i took the first bus,I already can on my way to Jitra.To make the situation worse,the earliest bus to Jitra was at 7.15 pm.

That was one of my worse miscalculation I ever done in my life.The worse.I keep cursing myself while on the way walking to the mosque for Asar prayer.

Then,I arrived at Jitra on 7.30,then went to 'Pasar Malam',buy some snacks,satay and fruits.After that,I went back to my cousin's house and have our dinner,packing up and went to his friends house to "rendezvous" before head to our destination almost 80 km far.Suprisingly,his friend's little sister was one of the student in my matriculation college,not that we know each other but I kinda remember her face.Kinda cute anyway :P

continue in part two~

Mini Reunion

Thats what my friend called it...

Yesterday,I went to one of my friends,Nik Nur Hazwanie(gomen for the misspelling) house because her older sister getting married.Apparently now most university students are on holiday,so lots of my friends able to attend the...function?....

We meet up,and keep asking how others are doing,telling stories from the old days and jokes around.Lucky,that though some I havent seen for almost 2 years,but there were almost no awkwardness between us.Kinda great,I would say.

We went around 3.50 pm,kinda late.Quite obvious as the food already almost finire(finished).But seriously,the food was damn great.Really tasty.Nice.Then we went back around 5 o'clock.I would like to hang around longer but I had to went back earlier because my cousin wanted to take me too hot water spring.Will tell later on next post.

me and my fren at the "pelamin".Kinda too 'flashy' lol.

this pic only got my back.....cliche'.got lots of this :sigh:

again...just my back...:sigh:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The result

This is how my blog look now.Not much different,just new background.The design kinda emo-ish and no,I'm not into emo.Just love white and black colour.

I also try cutting the entry to parts for the sake of shorter entry.Hope I can turn people on by playing with their,I mean by playing around with colour,attractive backgrounds and template.

Anyway,thx to my friend Naz cos I found the site to search for background from her blog.

(is this plagiating?)

Recap on Love or Not??!!

Ok,the reason why I'm triggered to wrote the Love or Not??!! is because I had a crisis with my girl,not the first time,just that its getting worst.She kinda obsessed with the "if u love someone,let him go" principle.Everytime she makes a mistake or made me mad,then she start spouting stuff like,"we're finished","lets end this".

When I let her cool her head down,ask her again,she said that she sad that she cant be the best for me,so she deciding to let me go,and find other girl,better girl.Seriously,I even mad when I hear that.

For me,if u love somebody,you gonna work hard to be the best for her/him,change urself if u need to.Throw away all the bad habit and attitude.Surely it can be achieved as long as u love her/him.If u cant or fail,that just proof that udint love her/him.There is no such thing as "little love" and "lots of love".Its either love or no love.When you love someone,it can be confirm by how much u would go for him/her,how much you would change ur old and bad self,how hard would you convinced her/him to never let you go when u made a mistakes.

That why it is possible to be the best for our love one,no matter how imperfect we are,as long we have love.

There is no such thing as "if u love someone,let him go".that just shit spout by somebody who gonna find new guy/girl to hooked up.When u love someone,u just never let her/him go,because that's what love is.Other than that,just hypocrite and self-centeredness.

Somehow,she can accept that after almost 2 years trying to put that simple concept inside her head.Just too hard-headed....

Supernatural fever

Its Supernatural time!! lol.Actually, I just start watch the show in its 4th season because before that I dont really have the time,heck,I dont even know bout it.Before this,when it airing on TV3 during Sunday night,I cant watch as I was at hostel at that time.So,I just kinda missed it but I bump into the show again when I went to college,thanks to my friends doing all the hard work downloading it.

The show is really good,I mean,hey, its modern ghost-busting.Quite scarry but what really keeps me captivated was the actors,the main character.Its because Dean is Dean, and Sam being Sam,that what makes it interesting.Their different yet complement-each-other attitude keeps the show going,at the same time,hillarious too.It have all the element,scarry,creepy,funny,cool and hot(you know what I mean :P ).

Now downloading the season finale,while doing some homework by catching up the previous season.Thanks youtube,I owe you much.Now on season three episode 5.The best part is,in season 2 finale,the entry song was Kansas's Carry On My Way-ward Son catch my interest,ending up downloaded straight to my juxebox file.You can called it,sudden-fanatism.

Now,where is my episode 6.....

Love or Not??!! part tre

ultimo pezzo~
(if you wonder,it means last piece)

Second case,another film,where a guy,love this girl,lets called her A.Then suddenly,the guy caught up it lots of debts.Coincidental debts from A's father.Then,having no other option left,the father offer him pretty good proposal,where he have to marry A's older sister and then,all he's debts are settle.Then the marriage was held on.Although the guy have to marry the girl he dint love,and have to let go the one he love,while A have to let go his guy to her sister,both agree that its "god's will","when u love someone,u must put urself,ur fate,entirely in HIS hands".

Again,I dint agree.Ok.He is in debts,then work urass and find a job,work overtime,dint sleep,work 24,7,collect money,just eat grass and sand,come on,others can do it,we can do it.Malaysia boleh,isn't it?Gather enough money and pay the debt.What the hell with "marry-a-girl-and-debts-settle" policy.Hell,I would love to be in that guy shoes.In debts,and to solve it,screw a pussy.Man,damn lucky.If in case,he can pay the debts,so be it.Die if u must.Its your responsibility.Then that's "GOD'S WILL".Then that's "IF WE LOVE SOMEONE,WE MUST PUT URSELF,UR FATE IN HIS HANDS".Im getting sick with this misleading-but-seems-romantic-to-some-retard messages.Stop being hypocrite and self-centered

The concept is simple,if u love someone,u never let her/him go.Never.Under what circumstances,unless it is proven that he/she would be happier with somebody else and it is her/his will,then u can let go.Else,no.Hell no.Marry the one u love,not the one who will save ur ass from death sentences,from thousand bucks debts.

(yes,it means,finish)

All-American Rejects anyone?

Yesterday,I finished downloading When World Goes Down album,the newest from All-American Rejects.I was their fan since their previous album,Move Along.Quite a good album,I would give around 70 percent plus as their mark.An alternative rock band with their own identity though they sound plain,just like other many bands.

Well,I would say their latest entry have gone worse.The getting a lot more mellow(maybe its trend,when your number of album increases,you get mellow-er, soft and slow.Linkin Park anyone?).Or maybe its just me,I always have this unfanciness with slow,mellow song.No,no Coldplay please.Apart from that,the instrument that they use kinda odd,I think got flute also,and another one which I know how it looks,but dont know the name,by listening to the sound it produced.Well,maybe they just use keyboard anyway.That does instill quite a little bit sense of uniqueness.

But still,they have their on identity in it,their own mark.So,it aint bad as its hard to keep the album as qenuine as theirs.So,it aint that really dissapointing.

Got good songs like their first single,Give You Hell.Thats song is fun,try the video.Its hillarious.Another one is Another Heart Calls,where there got girl sing along in the song,like a duet.Nicely fit in I would say.Two always better than one,like,no,I mean Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's No Air and Evanescence's Bring Me To Life where they feat with Paul McCoy from Stone 17 if I'm not mistaken.Duets are good.

Love or Not??!! parte due

secondo parte~

I give several example,like this film,showing this guy got imprisoned for a mistake he never committed.Then,somehow the main witness got into coma and in order to wake her up(in a way of believing god's will),he has to say to her,eventhough she is in coma,that he would marry her coz apparently the witness like the guy,although the guy was married,and apparently the wife allow polygamy in order to save the guy from death sentences.And again,apparently,thanks to god's will,the witness woke up from coma just as the guy finished his propose sentence(cliche).

Ok,some find this "ohh,so touching,romantic" and blabla.While I found this as unfair to the girl.Yaa,she gonna married to a man which didn't love her.He just proposed her for the sake of saving his own damn ass.Imagine getting f*ck by a guy who didn't even love you in the first place.While from the guy point of view,he has to marry a girl he didn't love,but well,who gonna refuse a free treat?That's the reality.We cant go off marrying anybody just for the sake of anything else other than love her and keep spouting,"god's will","its fate.I must accept this".Have some sympathy to the girl.Would you marry someone who dint love you?Its a disgrace to her and gonna hurt her feelings damn bad.

Things should be this way,wait for the witness to woke up from coma.If she wont,then find other witness,if cannot find other way,make plead or anything,if all ends fail,then accept the fact that u gonna die.Then that is "god's will.Then that is "FATE".I dont see this as romanticness.I see that this guy is selfish and cruel.Marry other woman just to save his ass,ending up making his wife sad.Seriously,sending off this kind of message......,its retard.

continue to the last part,parte tre

New Facelift

One of my friend said that my blog kinda blank,not eye-catching....well,obviously,I just use the stock template.

So, I decided to change the layout a bit,the background and soon after I figure out on my expired Photoshop(damn..),maybe a new header.

Ah,she also said my entry too long,it turn her off.Well,gotta do something bout it to.I take critisim in a positive manner.No sweat,its always welcome.Keep it coming,cheers.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love or Not??!! parte uno

OK.Seriously,I don't want to put love-related and politics-related post in my blog,just my policies, but well,after some incident and consideration,I might put some,this one as a start.I also will put it in parts which I'll name using Italian numbering.As a tribute to Angels and Demons film.Just for fun~

Start of with telling off stories,like usual.

Lately,I bump into several film and TV shows,love genre,obviously, and I feel that they been spreading wrong messages.Some people find it romantic while I find it disgusting,hypocrite and misleading.

continue in parte due~


I read from some forum about music does not have boudaries.No matter what religion or races,music bound us together.Its universal.I do agree but some people give negative feedback such as music's lyrics can influence us,like the black metal genre,and some says music make us less focus to our life,waste time,as what muslim would say,"lara".

I love music,I love it so much.I have couple of music player.My ears had swollen for so many times till I cant count just because using earphone for long period.I eat only fried eggs for a month just to buy an earphone.I really love music.

But,saying that music somehow "lead" us to do something bad,something unmoral,I cant really agree with that.Yes,even if the lyrics have bad words,negative messages,doesnt mean that we have to follow them.Moreover,even if the lyrics say"f*uck the society",the singer didnt pick up an AK47 and wonder around killing people.Lyrics are ways of musician expressing their feelings,method of delivering thought and opinions.Some lyrics even just shit.Doesnt even meant a thing,even to the singer her/him self.Its all back to us,the listener of how to intrepret it.To really understand the meanings.Some lyrics have motivational messages and thought.Just take the good part,leave out the bad ones.

Same goes with the waste time part.All depends on the individuals.If he manage his time right,then music wont cause any harm.Its like blaming the car when somebody crash his car for overspeeding.Its stupid.

Take a scenario as give a motorcycle to a teenager.He has several choices like,use it to help his mother buy some grocery stuff or use it to go rempit(illegal racing) and end up dying pathetically.All depends on the human,that is us.

Like what I state in my previous post,we all have the option to choose our role during living in this world.Choose the right role,thats all there is.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Angel and Demons

Couple of days ago,I went to watch the movie Angels and Demons,a movie based on Dan Brown's book,which I had read.He is my favourite author.I read the other book by him called Deception Point.Why I love his books? After read two of his books,I was captivated by the way he create a crisis.The way he invoke suspense and make me hold my breath when flipping to the next page.Apart from that, he serve fictions brilliantly,with some real facts backing it up,and you just gonna work that brain a little to get what he trying to say.A book which make me to think a little and in the end I got a little bit smarter,wiser.

Like in Deception Points,its more to biology stuff,while in Angels and Demons more on physics and little bit on religions.Lastly,I love the way he put twist to the plot,like the good guy at first might be a bad guy in the end,and he is really wicked in doing it.

Back to the movie,I was really,really eager on watching it,because I can see,how they gonna materialized the Illuminati ambigram.This is why film are sometimes more interesting as they are the physical forms of the imagination created by the author in his/her writing.

The film start off with an incident where a canister of anti-matter lost from a lab.For me,the head start was really jumpy,really sudden and abrupt.Maybe they trying to make it short as film only have 2 hours and plus to tell a story of hundred pages of writings.Then next scene was exposing the main character,Robert Langdon to the audience.Who he is also briefly explain to the audience,some may not know who he is,why he had Vatican's attention.

Then they meet the camerlengo and the Swiss guard's chief,which some alteration have been done there but logical as this is to make the story more simple and fit the time restriction.But,for me,the scene where the camerlengo was arguing with Ritcher was too brief,hardly can explain,can elaborate to the audience who he is,what kind of personality he is.Even after several scene at the Sistine Chapel also not enough.He is the antagonise for the movie,yet I saw him as just a simple,side-line character.Come on,he is the bad guy ok?If his personality isn't elaborate enough at the early part,then the twist at the end of the film wont be effective.It wont work,there will be no twist.Its like a chicken chop without the chicken itself.

Personally I like the camerlengo.I like how he become tainted by his own belief and obsession.Its like,that's how humans are.He know that sacrifice must be made to achieve certain goal.Yes.Its the reality,the truth,just the matter of how "big" the sacrifice is.Maybe its wrong,but thats what most of us had in mind when in need for solutions.Most film that I watched didn't support this philosophy apart from Watchmen.That is one odd,another-side-of-the-coin film.

Other than that,the anti-matter itself also briefly explain.My friend which joined me didnt even know what the hell is anti-matter when we walk out of the cinema.Different from the book version,the anti-matter play a big role in explaining how religions and science can coexist,can be comprehend together with repelling each other.I believe that is what this story is about.Its about the dilemma between science and religion,where science like day by day putting religion into unrelevantness by exposing that all the story they been telling was wrong, scientifically proven.Since the time of Galileo,but Galileo himself believe that both can coexist and understand each other,thats where the anti-matter comes in.

Victoria Vetra,who suppose to be the heroine but in the film,same with the camerlengo,just like a small,tiny meaningless character.Seriously,in the end Robert did have the chance to screw her.They more than just companion,more than just friends.I think that,their intimacy and compasion towards each other was important to be shown to the audience.

I know,film do have limitation like the time constrain,but I kinda disappointed because the message aint delivered very well.The story didnt meet it purpose in enlightening the audience on the issue raised

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ok.I think you guys know bout the political crisis at Perak,seriously its getting worse and ugly.My opinion is to do a state level pilihanraya so that we can really know,and the people can really choose who they want as their leader.

Im not gonna say a lot bout this,aint gonna let politics dirty my blog,just wanna share a picture.Thats all.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bahasa Malaysia

I chat with this girl,apparently she studying to be a teacher and she told me that there is one case where a student sue a teacher for punishing him for bringing mobile phone to school.Then I made some joke saying that the teacher used a better lawyer.Just for the lol.

The she suddenly gone berserk and said that I'm "xmatang dalam menilai"(immature in judging).Then I told her,don't be so serious,Im just joking la.Then she told me a story,about a professor who apparently create the Kamus Dewan.One day,he went to a Chinese shop and wanna buy something.When he enter the shop,the shopkeeper said,"kamu mahu beli apa?"(what do you wanna buy).Then the professor immediately went out of the shop.The reason was because the shopkeeper was rude for using the word,"kamu".So,she's trying to say to me,that language is important and matters,even to the "smart" person.So,made a mistakes and u gonna get it.

Well,what I thought was the one who rude is the prof.Ok.Firstly,that guy was a Chinese.He is not a Malay.He is a different race than Malays,so if he can speak "kamu mahu beli apa" was very good enough,let alone speak "correct" Malay language.Even Malays cant speak correct Malay language.We have to be realistic here.He is a different race,and bahasa melayu is not his mother-tongue language.How do you expect him to speak perfect,flawless bahasa?That pathetic,expecting for such things.

Then she said that all Malaysian must speak bahasa malaysia.Not all can do that because Malaysia is a multi-racial country.We have to accept that.Different race would have different proficiency in speaking bahasa.Let alone when it comes to slang like in Kedah and Kelantan.Hell, now student even learn math and science in English,not bahasa,so what are the big fuss about perfect bahasa melayu?We our self throw it away from our children.Again,its pathetic.

Seriously,if that is the prof attitude,he can only buy from mute shopkeeper or buy from eBay,wait,do eBay come in bahasa??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today,10 May,is the Mother's Day.I dont,I dont celebrate it in any kind of forms.Why? I will start off by telling a story first

During my school days,once a year or twice,there will be like a motivation speech or lecture,especially to the forms which gonna take examination on that year,or any speech given my some special person in certain event or celebration.Usually,they will insert the element of respecting and love our parents.Some of the "expert" one can psychologically make 100 students cry so bad because kinda touch or missed their mom or dad.Some were regretting what they had done to their parents in the past.

The fact is,I never cried even once in such event.Since primary school,I never fall for that psychological trap.I even used to force myself and put some saliva on my eye to pretend like I'm crying so that my friends wont be like,"ehh,nape ko xnangis?"(why dont u cry).I bored with that question.

Some of them said that I didnt love parents,my heart are dark and hard,bad son and bla bla bla.Ok.The reason why I didnt cried because they cried on that day,on that event of speech,meaning they just,"just" remembered bout their mother or father,"just" remembered the mistakes that they had made,"just" remembered that they used to broke their parents heart.Which is pathetic,stupid and much crueler than me.

While I,in fact,yes I am,always think of my mom,always missed my mom,always remember the mistakes,the sin I committed to them.I never forget once and always realizes when I done a new one.When I broke their heart.I always have the consciousness.

That is why I didnt and never cry when some people speak stuff regarding my parents,trying to provoke me to become sad and broke down.The kind of people that fall for that usually,not all,usually just have the consciousness for some time,temporarily and they gonna "forget" about their mom again,and some guy gonna psychologically trap them,and they gonna cry again and the cycle repeats over and over again.

Same goes with Mother;s Day.I didnt celebrated it.Why?Because I didnt love my mom?No.It is because I love her.I love her everyday.Not just 10 of May.Thats why 10 of May means nothing to me.If its about giving present,I can give present to my mom anytime,any day.Why restrict our self from showing our love to our mom by some celebration set up by god knows who??

The same I thought of birthday.It ain't the day I show my love to my friends.I love my friends every single day.It just some kind of day that I can use as a reason to give present.Or else he or she would be like,"ko apsal tetiba bg aku hadiah?"(why u suddenly give me a present?)That's why I never really pay attention to my friends birthday.Im sorry.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Fever

I just recovered from my long and horrible fever.Its just a fever,yes,but its a hell of fever.

My body temperature rise till 39.2 degree Celsius.Kinda high,and I have to take paracetamol every 4 hours.I can speak,I can hardly move,I cant shit but I vomited a lot.Once I vomited all the medicine that I took.Man....the bitterness that stuck at ur throat...urghhh,its suffocating.

I even forgot to wish my friend,Tengku Muhamad Fauzan his birthday because on his birthday I started to ill.Im so sorry

Anyway,now I'm back in action,and this is what I got to say to fever

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Need An External Hard Disk

I was downloading some movie,anime stuff,then the download manager said that I don't have any space left.I was like "what??!!"

I check and found that I only have 2GB left.Then I try to delete some useless stuff,all those porns,stupid pictures,junk freeware,and warcraft.Yes.I accidentally deleted my warcraft folder.Owh how dumb I can be.Now I have to install it again.Damn it..

Now,I have around 19.4GB and 7 in my secondary drive.Still tiny.I thought of buying an external hard disk but it gonna cost me around hundred ringgit.I am working now,rm700 per month.But I still got an Ipod in my list,and if possible a new phone.I have Samsung U900 in my mind.It cost rm1175 from the lowest price.

Another is,if my dad bought me a new notebook,than that hard disk is insignificant already.Unneeded....Too much dilemma to carry...