Friday, July 31, 2009

Turn 1000!!

I just opened my blog,and I saw that the visitor counter show "1000" .I was like,wow,its reach to 1k already ek??

Not that it matter much,but I feel like something to celebrate :) .I think of a contest,but what?and would there any soul wanna participate in??

One more thing,I kinda broke,so what kind of prize I could afford lol .If u ask why,then it is because......


I just bought this baby yesterday,thanks to bro Akabane(from,and I forgot to ask ur real name,sorry bro =_= ).Damn good,better than my previous Creative headphone.
Good at isolating noise,I cant even hear people chatting for almost 10 metre of radius.Pretty damn good eh,and the bass also quite punchy,though Audio Technica sound signature is more to neutral kind.

All in all,I relieved that I bought this baby.It satisfy my needs for great sound quality.Worth enough for my Rm220.Now thinking of an amp to drive this baby,coz I need to power up my Ipod touch volume to the max to push this baby to its true potential XD

also,I bought this


to charge my ipod(though cant dock because incompatibility,Ipod touch too new for its firmware =_= )and a good speaker,sound wise,loud enough to jerk me from my deep sleep.

Also,got fm radio! Just now,I reunite with my loveable and fun morning crew.Owh,I miss u guys so much.Its been ages since the last time I tune to them.They are my source of good laugh expecially in the morning.Its really stress-easing when listening to their funny joke :)

I get it at Rm200 because it given by one guy(which again,I forgot to ask his name,sorry bro),where his gf work at a shop selling this,and she got the test unit at the same price.So,he sell it to me because he dont have an Ipod.How much does this really cost?RM489! .How lucky I am :P

Now,I feel my life kinda so complete,nothing to complain the fact that my counter reach 1000,I felt so much better......

(something like,everything fine and all good in Japan,from Keroro Gunso anime :P )

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Bash!

ok,its not mine.I actually went to my fren befday bash at shah alam.That was the first time I went to Shah Alam.

At,9 am,I hopped on my favourite and reliable KTM to KL Sentral,then change train and took to Shah Alam.The trip was around 1 and a half hour,which is not so bad,I might come more often than I could expect.Owh,yes,it cost me RM5 ringgit....well...ok la

Then,I went to my fren,Fauzan hostel.After prayer and took a bath( I dont bring any towel,thanks to the fan coz dry me up),we went to Naz house.Thx to Hadi for driving us there.We was welcome by Naz when we arrived,and gosh,what a nice house she have.and big too. >_<

We sat at the living room and chat.Its been a while seen we met each other.To be frank,I never chat even once with Naz during our school time,just after SPM,we chat thru yahoo messenger a bit,from there,we got a little bit close.So,when I went to her house,chatting with her so casually and fun,at the same time I feel awkward.I ask myself,"this is the girl u never chat before".Funny how things could turn the other way around.

I have a delightful time,we had a fun moment,delicious food and lots of laughter.Its nice to see everyone of us in a good term after havent meet for a while.Its harmonic..

[pics coming up.have to wait for my fren upload them first.i dont have camera =_=]

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Midvalley Outing

19 July,I went to Midvalley with my gurl.Well,it was my first time, quite nervous too as they say its easy to get lost =_=

I woke up at 6,ready myself up and walked to my gurl college at 7.15 and arrived there at 8.00 .Quite far eh?But,I enjoy it as the weather was good and the scenery around UKM is very serene and calming.Full with green plants...its soothing to the eyes....but my legs was aching :P .But I love it.

We took bus then komuter to Midvalley,a 35 minutes journey.quite fast I would say.This place might be my choice when wanna hang out :) .The shop lots still havent open yet,so we went straight to GSC to buy Harry Potter(i love saying this name in British accent) movie,the sixth installment, Half Blood Prince(REVIEW COMING UP).To my surprise,I was the fifth in the line,GSC havent even open yet,the staff just came,and its like there's already 10 meter of queue behind me!
Maybe its normal for KL,for Midvalley.Owh,and while queuing,I think so hard to find out,what is a Twin Seat?

(im such a noob...)

Then,I text one of my fren and he told me its for couple.Why,its perfect!....but sadly the seats was fully booked,I even get the second from the most front seat and at the most right side....why booking ticket online didnt crossed my mind..??

(im such a noob...again)

After that we went to buy a shoe for my gurl and didn't found any interesting one,well...maybe "cheap" one.So, we decide to went for food instead of shoe :P .We went to:

  • Subway [delicious,flexible as we can have it customized to our need,I love such food,and enough to fill normal stomach,not so expensive.worthwhile]
  • Big Apple [donuts,lots of donuts,love the texture,love the fillings,many varities]
  • McD [Quater pounder,a must-have-when-dating .Sometimes Big Mac]
  • Takoyaki [finally I taste it!I really wanna buy this,its just a ball fill with squid,or eel,in Japanese its unagi,my favourite fish(eel is a fish rite?)]

At 4.00,we went to Serdang as I gonna meet a person who gonna sell his Ipod to me(I'll tell about it next time ya)

Then,went back to UKM at 6.30.Quite a day,I was extremely exhausted.Anyway,had lots of fun,have the experience going to Midvalley,ride on komuter and buying second-hand stuff :P

note:since I was going to buy an Ipod,I have 0 cent,mind u,zero.Null.No money at all,and all the expenses were handled by my gurl.She's the one fork out the money since the first komuter till the last komuter to UKM.She bought me all the food,she bought me the movie ticket,she bought me water when I was dizzy from exhaustion(mind u,I walked for almost an hour during the morning as I dont have the money to get on a bus).So,here,I want to say thank you for all that u had done to me,nothing would be possible without you.

ps:jangan cakap aku poyo ok?!! :P

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Noobness is....

The Midvalley Outing post suppose to publish on 9.15 last night,as I had scheduled but it dint happen.I wonder why??

Then, I found out that my time setting is based on Hawai!! WTH! No wonder it dint published,the time setting was wrong.

So,now everything fix :)

owh,to finish the title sentence

My Noobness is GODLIKE! (DoTA players know what I mean :P )

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We meet lots of coincidence in our life.Some say there is no coincidence, there just fate.

Well,I found coincidence is something funny,laughable because it is a coincidence.Something which happen out of luck and.....coincidence.

What I'm trying to say is,one of my senior [] that been with me and my frens during our orientation week found my blog.How coincidence is that?There's millions of blog out there.I just love coincidence.

ps:am i exaggerating a small issue? =_=||||

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm in University

12 July, I registered as one of University Kuala Lumpur(UniKL) student.What course you ask? I wanted the clinical lab science,but I got the Environmental Healthcare one.Well,maybe its been fated for me to take it.

The course is quite new actually,well,I'm the second batch of the Institute of Medical Science Technology(MESTECH). Quite scare whether this course have good job opportunity or not.The campus is at Kajang and I was supposed to live in an apartment at Taman Tenaga Bangi,but instead we stay at UKM for maybe one whole semester because of H1N1.

So far,just finished the orientation week,which is quite fun,not so much stress as they say,the theme for this year is, "NO Violent".Well,lucky me :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looks Like Im Back in Action!!

The topic says it all.Thx to the PPSMI stuff,im awake from hibernation mode(due to lots of probs and works, and also some mood deterioration)


IM BACK!(Schwarzenegger style)

PPSMI Will Be Abolished

Thanks to my friend,Fauzan,I know about this.Yes,PPSMI will be abolished in 2012,and yes,I'm delighted as I am one of the A Samad Said clan,the PPSMI-opposition.

Why I oppose PPSMI? PPSMI itself is the method to help transition from Malay-based studies to English-based easier as when we went to the higher education level such as university level,then we will study in English.The lecturer will speak in English,the book will be in English and it will help us to get job too if we proficient in speaking English.

Then,isnt PPSMI is good?Why I oppose it?

For all those "good effect" of PPSMI,lots of other superior country gain them without teaching their school student mathematics and science in English.They dont need their own "PPSMI".Still,they way ahead of us in any term.Why?Well,that is something rather interesting to find out that lousily translating the textbook from Malay to English and end up trigger the downfall of our own student.

Those guys they have strong and good education base for teaching English.The English subject itself is efficient and flawless,so there's no way their student sucks in English and thus, the translating textbook stuff is unneeded.

Why should we English-fy mathematics and science to improve English proficiency?Just power-up the English subject-related stuff,for god sake! Improve the teaching method,revise the syllabus,the teacher itslef must be good,not some lame ass jerk.Its like,u wanna grow some muscles,but instead of going to workout,u went to buy some new cloth,just in case it will make ur chest buff-er.

What I'm trying to say,clearly identify ur focus,ur target,ur problem,and put all ur effort to solve it,not mindlessly mess around with other issue.If its english,then just fix english subject then.U dont blame Menteri Kerjaraya when the youngsters dont know what the hell is congkak,rite?U blame the cultural minister la.

Basically,thats what A Samad Said and others been trying to say.There is a way to improve English proficiency in students,but PPSMI is not in the list.By practicing it,we will face the possibility where our mother tongue language will be forgotten and cast away by our own future generations.

Like Japan,no matter how modernise they are,they still ogiji(bow) when it is necessary.They dint sell out their culture for the sake of advancing in the global current of modernisation.So do we.We dont have to put Bahasa Malaysia at stake just to master English.There are other sensible ways.

Well,now that it will be abolished,the stupidity of whoever put this PPSMI in the first place is unbelievable.I'm lost for words(coz too much to say and swear) to portray how stupid I think this move are.HOnestly,I would rather they continue this PPSMI instead of abolishing it half-way.What wil happen to the kids that have study math and science in english?My little brother have been studying those in english,and next year he have to face UPSR,but unfortunately he have to study those subject in Malay?

Its more pathetic and embarrassing.Like in Batman:The Dark Knight..

"Its whether you die as a hero,or live long enough
to see yourself turning into a villain"

in this case,you sucks all the way or u dont sucks at all.Dont stop half way,u half baked fucking ass.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday Present Dilemma

That really sound like a song title eh? XD

ok.actually my girl's birthday are coming up,this 12 of july(the same date I gonna register into Unikl,which means I gonna be only 3km away from her.SUGOI!! (wow in Japan :P )

So,thought of buying her a ring,apart from an accessory,it can double as a "she's taken already" sign.Im quite the jealous type......But she refuse coz she thinks it wont look good on her as her fingers quite chubby.I told her the second reason and she said its ridicolous and funny,coz any men can woo her, with or without ring on her finger.and i reply....

THANKS a lot dear.that does make me feel a lot BETTER!


then I thought of buying her a watch.I found this Elle Studio watch,a rectangle-face with hearts-engraved frame while,aku nk ckp tali jam tp aku xtau.forgive me!!) black in colour with red thread on both edge.

perghh..I even like that as a present for myself.Really captivating.But,the price quite a turn-off.Rm188.Not that expensive,u may say,I admit.But I'm on tight budget as gonna go to university and gonna buy Ipod(cannot cancel,already deal to pay on 9 August).

I dont wanna give a belated-birthday gift.....What should I do.....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Forgive me Michael....

He's dead.We all know.

I am one of the people thinks he was bad,evil,pedophilia.

But I was wrong.As a performer alone,he is unrivaled legend.As a human,he was a lot better than what media been shitting about.Do ur homework,I've done mine.U get what I mean.

He has a bad childhood, somehow it makes me feel close to him coz at least we share something in common.

I'm not his fan,not after been digging bout the truth,after been watching his past show,just 3 hours,enough to make me cry and feel like there was a big pit in my stomach,they call it,"REGRETS"

I shamed of myself for believing the media.I feel like im covered in cow shit.

My mom believe in him till the end,while I realized how great he is after he already died for a week.

I know he cant hear me,but I'm just sorry,so sorry.He may be not perfect,but he never deserve whatever people done to him.He maybe not an angel,but he aint no devil.He far better than most of us.

I love him,not as a fan,but as a fellow human.He far better than me.

This feelings of regrets would never go off,not in the near future.

I am so,so sorry........