Thursday, May 27, 2010

Revival of my insidemeizan blog

Hye everybody (well,if there is 'anybody' reading this :P ) . This blog has been on hiatus, or idle for a very long time. More than 5 month. Its all because of my lack of ability to properly divide my time between my personal life, my studies, and my blog. Another reason for the hiatus is to prevent me from posting useless entry just for the sake of keeping it 'alive'. So, it better off dead rather than have tons of meaningless entry.

The reason why I refrain from posting useless entry, also the main reason why I start blogging, is because I want people who read my blog, gain something from it. By posting things that meaningful, that is not just some chit chat and bitching, I hope I can help other people 'see' things that they cannot 'see'. Realize the what we unable to realize by looking things in different points of view and perspective, thus widen one's thought and mind.

Somehow, recently, I gained back the interest of 'blogging', again. Although I dont know whether I can keep it update, especially when I go back to my campus on July, but I will try my best. My resolution is harder this time.

So, for anybody, that already read my blog or just start, hopefully you guys can give me support by giving comments and opinion on whatever issue in my post. It means a lot to me. Owh.and for the one just start reading my blog, I will use english in my post, but you guys can comment even in bahasa. I dont mind. I did this for the sake of making it more general and 'international' lol, and for me to improve my english proficiency. I'm still leaning lol :P

Thats all for now. Thanks you.

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